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OK... after countless FTP-in'... hackin'... downloading... reuploading... reconfiguring... and countless other things. I still can't fix a problem in the old GM scripts.

In fairness to the GreyMatter scripts... it's still working. TheLair still holds 1869 posts since 2001 with no problems. It's the scripts installed in the site that is giving me problems.

So I decided to try out WordPress.

Quick install... nice features... I did encounter some problems in exporting the old GM posts... but after a couple of workarounds... it's up.


Until I forgot to note down the generated random admin password. (E-mail for forgotten password still blank.)

PHPMyAdmin module saved the day though.

I am satisfied so far... and will probably re-direct the old one in here.


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UGH... Awrk. Still having problems with the rss.

PLs like this is why we stick with the Fox.

Simple... straightforward and fast.

Now I'll go back to tinkering the unknown.


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I'm in the process of upgrading the GM scripts for this blog... and... let's just say it was a good thing that I made a complete backup before doing that upgrade.


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Yeah I know... I know.

It's alright. It's alright. This BLOG moves in mysterious ways.