Daniel Simon : The Detonator Bike v4 6.0

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Daniel Simon's The Detonator Bike (via TheLair/protozoa)

Got to have one of those for my qs.

More aa-awesomeazing Daniel Simon artworks, concepts and illustrations can be found in his official site. (And of course an art site would not be complete without female illustrations... : )


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Merry Christmas everyone... : ]

Aliens... bacteria and creatures from the Hollow Earth included.


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Daz3D's Aiko 3 / Xinxin / MIJ Bundle / Cool Fever
Rendered in Poser 6 (Poser 4 RenderENGINE)
Postwork in Adobe Photoshop CS / PSP 5.02
Background: Remixed Entrance Version III artwork


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Inner Life

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Cellular Visions: The Inner Life of a Cell is 'an eight-minute animation created in NewTek LightWave 3D and Adobe After Effects for Harvard biology students.' (via GeekPress)


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All laptops (and portable devices) should learn a thing or two from this.

Beowulf Effects

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CGSociety.org posted an article on Beowulf Effects.


That... or I'm just finding an excuse to post Angelina Jolie pics.

Jolie, by the way, will also star in Wanted... an adaptation of Mark Millar's comic which Top Cow published.

To early to tell if this will be placed in the Comics-To-Movies Done Right list or the Hollywood-Butchers-Another-One bin.

Marvel and torrents

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So this is probably why Marvel is now chasing those comic torrent sites.

I'm not sure about this but torrents and scanned comics were the reason I went back to buying comics after 17++ years.

Good luck, Marvel. You have to do what you think you have to do.

Bruce Schneier Interview

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Stephen J. Dubner: Bruce Schneier Blazes Through Your Questions. This is from the person who protects his laptop data with fists and PGP.

comics art

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I was reading Marvel's February 2008 solicitations at newsarama.

I buy comics for the art.

I read for the stories... but I can always DCP them somewhere or read them at wikipedia.org.

Or borrow from a friend.

(Read them I do before Hollywood butchers them.)

Nothing much has interested me art-wise except for this.

That's X-Force 1... digitally illustrated by Clayton Crain.

Clayton's style (3D-ish with digital airbrush) was impressive in both Ghost Rider limited series: The Road To Damnation and Trail of Tears.

He also illustrated this Spider-Man: Venom versus Carnage limited series prior to that Ghost Rider gig and some Sensational Spiderman covers and interiors.

(And Universe from Top Cow but his style was different then.)

Marvel also compiled some excellent Clayton Crain wallpapers. (There's a free registration process but it's worth it if you're into this kind of thing.)

X-Force would probably be released sometime January (or late December) but if you're looking for amazing artworks in comics this month... you'd definitely go for Ultimates 3.

Nice to see superstar JoeMad back... with Jeph Loeb nonetheless.

And Christian Lichtner!

That's Mr. Liquid to you.

Jeph Loeb is one of the most respected writers in comics who was also a part of the writing/production of Smallville... Lost and currently... Heroes.

Whether he's working for DC or Marvel, most of Loeb's arcs hit the number 1 spot in terms of sales (and quality).

Ultimates 1 and 2 under Mark Millar, although verymvery entertaining (and political) never hit slot.001 in their 3++ year run. (That is of course if my memory and sources are right... : )

Also of course there's that third and final issue of First Born from Top Cow which deserves a different post.

But here's the cover artwork for now. (And you can view more preview images in this link.)

To be fair to DC here's their February 2008 solicitations.