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HOLY WEEK 2008. Here's a link... The Brick Testament.

Some developments

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YAY! We've made some developments.

Instead of one 'minifig' (that's what you humans call us eh..?) per letter, we're now assigning a set of words per minifig. One minifig can memorize the assigned sequence (we do have good 'memories') and jump from one key to the other faster.

And faster it was.

We hit some problems though.

Like this one with the SHIFT key.

Bob: "Hold the key! This one's a capital letter."
Peter: "Too heavy for me. I can't hold it down that long."
John: "I'll help. I'll help."

The major setback though was when Willard, in charge of the BACKSPACE key, slipped.

Rod: "Double Js some backspace please."
Willard: "MY Backspace!"
Willard: "UGH."
Bob: "Move your arse, Willard. Release the BACKSPACE."
Willard: "My back... my back. He... eelp."

It's the BACKSPACE... so we have to do things all over again.

Willard will be fine. No worries.


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You have no idea how long it took us to post the previous entry.
But we're getting used to it...
And we're getting a lot faster too.

Yes we're taking over this... this whatever this is.
You see Mr. WildFire moved some of his stuff from his bigger 'puterbox to a smaller movable 'puter and decided to estivate on a cave somewhere to work on 'TheFramework'.

He left this black 'puterbox open to grab some stuff stuff I think. We're still figuring out those things.

We do hope it's pron-related.

To give you how we operate things... here are some pics.

That's me directing the letters for the writing and jumping process.

The Transfer Team.

It took an hour for this team to figure things out. But one blacktron was good with hieroglyphics.

If we can find a mirror we'll show you how we're taking these shots. There's only one camera in here.

We'll find a way to elevate this cam too, to get better angles. For now we can only provide near to the floor shots.


Oh by the way... my name's Bob.


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Hello world.

EventHandler / Backups / VFPSP2

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