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Andrew MacNeill » Intense Development: Why We Need Passionate Programmers

RF 070

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More on these MOCs later.

The one on the rightmost screen is the classic space LEGO 6823 ( Surface Transport ). I have two of this. One was given to me when I was a child and now I'm playing with it with my own kiddo. The other one I recently acquired, unopened for 27 years before I grant it its freedom.

I'm not a 'store them to increase their value' type of human.

I'm more like if you buy it, you must a. play with it. b. use it and take photos and/or c. draw inspiration from it.

Visual FoxPro Links – 06/18/2010

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Buffered Visual FoxPro links:

A new Making Sense of Sedna and VFP9 SP2 book will be available from Hentzenwerke Publishing. ( via Cathy Pountney )

The FoxShow 64 ( Improving your code and an interview with Jim Nelson, PM on VFPx Editor ) and FoxShow 65 ( Southwest Fox Preview ) are up.

There's an interesting read in that FoxShow 64 page. You might want to check it out too: Mea Culpa.

You can view the previous episodes in TheFoxShows PodCast site.

Webinar with Ken Levy: Servoy for Visual FoxPro Developers. ( Plus the screencasts )

And here's another link to Visual FoxPro-related resources for Servoy.

VFP Imaging: FOXYPreviewer 1.43a

Code Snippets: Menu To XML / WeekDays.

Reference: DoDefault and DoDefault or NoDefault.

Happy 20 years to ( via )

RF 069

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Oh, but there is a Game 7.

Only the third ( or fifth ) Finals Game 7 in the last 21 years of the NBA.

How about a last second shot that will decide who takes it all..?

RF 068 / Pre-Game6

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I don't know. Somehow I still can't shake that weird feeling.

RF 067 / Futuron

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RF 066

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RF 065

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I will be away from the computer for most part of today to work on the blueprints of TheProject.

LOOOOoNG Table. SIGN Pens. A4 papers folded crosswise.

Processes. Modules. Vision. Goal. Data Structures. Arrows. Flow.

They all start on paper for me.

RF 064 / Lakers versus Celtics

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I wanted to post a 'Lakers will win Game 1 in the NBA Finals' last Friday ( local time ) before the game started but I don't want to sound like some sports writer so sure they can predict the future.

I placed a bet on the Lakers team against a developer in our team, but found myself cheering for Celtics during the actual game.

I still am a Celtics fan.

But I have this weird feeling the Lakers will take this series.

Kobe is on a mission.

Focused. Very Jordan-esque.

As Mike Wise writes last week, Kobe versus Michael Jordan comparison is not a heresy anymore.

And I'm a huge huge Michael Jordan fan.

Plus there's Phil Jackson and his 47-0.

That's the ZenMaster's record in the playoffs when his team wins Game 1.

Whoever takes Game 2 will have a big advantage on its side.

You don't need a statistician and a prophet to verify that statement.


The above shot is this photo in a different angle.

RF 063

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RF 062

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RF 061

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No not Cliffhanger... but that rock climbing scene in MI2.

RF 060

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