RF 064 / Lakers versus Celtics

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I wanted to post a 'Lakers will win Game 1 in the NBA Finals' last Friday ( local time ) before the game started but I don't want to sound like some sports writer so sure they can predict the future.

I placed a bet on the Lakers team against a developer in our team, but found myself cheering for Celtics during the actual game.

I still am a Celtics fan.

But I have this weird feeling the Lakers will take this series.

Kobe is on a mission.

Focused. Very Jordan-esque.

As Mike Wise writes last week, Kobe versus Michael Jordan comparison is not a heresy anymore.

And I'm a huge huge Michael Jordan fan.

Plus there's Phil Jackson and his 47-0.

That's the ZenMaster's record in the playoffs when his team wins Game 1.

Whoever takes Game 2 will have a big advantage on its side.

You don't need a statistician and a prophet to verify that statement.


The above shot is this photo in a different angle.