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As I am creating this, the ISP at home is still down. It is expected to be fixed by tomorrow. Seven days since it went south.

Yes some of us still can live without the 'net.

Before that went down, our webhost's hard disks were the first casualties.

Must be climate change or something.

It took more than 24 hours to restore the files.

But I do like and recommend this webhost, inspite of what happened.

Service oriented humans.

Besides in four years, this was the first time a crash like this occured.


Dan and Gonard, the SP2s mentioned here (SP2s stand for LEGO Space Police 2 (The currently available Space Police theme sets from LEGO are SP3s)), are the ones you see in this post.

And lately, here.

The first time we got banned/removed from some site. The second one was a post before these crashes occured.

Perhaps some Greater Force out there wants me to make this LEGO photoblog a child-safe site.

Can't be for now.

The philosophical something something disguised as a children 'book' project comes later in life.

Not now.


Now the LEGO minifigs above are actually first generation Space Police. Not Futurons. I made that mistake in the previous LEGOmatics photoshoot and the pics that followed.

Lime green and blue visors were replaced with these red ones to correct the 'do.

You can see a complete timeline of LEGO space line minifigs here:


Lastly, yes... the tentacles in the background are growing and moving.