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The person who is behind this site is a freelance database programmer and system analyst (well at least that's what he claims he is) who got stuck with Visual Foxpro after being assigned to convert 3 inch thick Clipper DOS-based codes to a Window-based application.

He then realized how elegant and straightforward FoxPro is compared to Visual Basic, his first love fourth generation Window-based PL.

He is on his continuous quest of learning why MicroSoft bought FoxPro for a whoopin' 173 million dollar deal (they were lacking a good database application then), added 'Visual' to its name, yet still continues to market VB over Visual FoxPro.

In time he might learn to accept that VB is MicroSoft's pet project/love child and realize that VB is stuck with version 6 while Visual Foxpro's version 9 is on its way. But of course giddy Microsoft's new pet project these days wears a .NET mask. Yet, he was even happy that VFP was not included in that Visual Studio .NET package.

Since 1998, he has created, maintained (and converted badly designed VB-created systems) and handled 42++ database related projects. Most of them done in Visual Foxpro 6 and Clipper 5.2 which he slowly converts to VF8 compiled files. There's something about that eighth version that makes things extra sexy... well aside from the lighter toned fox icon.

He prefers working free lance and doing consultations to being an 'in-house programmer' (also known as 'cyberslaves') who are often 'abused' and not well compensated in this part of the world. These in-house slaves are often considered to transform into superhumans with mediocre-sidekick payrolls in between snack time.

Aside from this site, WildFire also maintains that pixelcatalyst.lair website which holds some of his digital art creations and wallpapers. He is a member of DepthCore, an international kick-ass abstract digital art group and his deviantart profile can be found here. Thank God he doesn't have any Friendster accounts.

He has three e-mails. Two of them welcome spam with open arms rendering it unusable already. One he keeps to himself to prevent spammers from finding it out. But you can reach him though via the OUTPOST Forums, where you can discuss virtually anything under the sand.

Currently... WildFire dwells in New Manila, Philippines with his loving wife and two kids, one mischievous... both DVD toon movie addicts and his four computers... Parcel, Compaq, Light and Shanara.



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