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First post for 2011.

Let's see how this works. Wait... I have to modify that and chop the image into three parts.


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It's been a while.

Yeah I know.

Been a while since I've done something GFX-related. That is, of course, if you don't include those LEGO art.

Sometimes the demons in this soul need release.

Too many of them these days.

I lost count when I noticed the nine inch fanged one with blue eyes.

With nose rings.

Art... always is a good outlet.

A good release.

Of demons and nurtured ewoks alike.

The luckier demons become works in progress.

Others... rough sketches on paper.

The unluckier ones are stuck in the mind. To be recycled into demons once again.

Stripped of their vanities.

Yet twice the demons they were before.

And fatter this time.

Those recycled demons.

Some though manifest their desires in dreams.

I desire a new blanket of dreams tonight.

zenbananas / csPROF / LEGO

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LEGO minifigs, Mike and Wilfo discuss their recent gig at zenbananas.com.

Ah yes... 'a zenbanana a day drives the doctor away'.

It's a site created by 'TOPBanana', a comsci professor of mine in college born out of... wait let him talk about that part. I don't want to get ahead of him

I'm contributing on the 'art' part.

Previous college students of mine, who are still reading this blog... TOPBanana is the person partially responsible for influencing me to do those crazy stuff I inflicted on you during those days... : )

The class singing sessions (late student sings (yes this is a comsci class)), index card at the back info questions, how homework essay projects are scored, open book exams and a lot more of that approach... came from him.

A lot of good things can be scribbled but let's leave those for another post.

Going back to zenbananas.com... go check The Secrets of The Universe post. That is where Mike and Wilfo came in.

And here's the link for a hi-res version of the image above.


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Yes I know. It's been some time since I posted something in here.

But I'm always checking for spam contents.

Mee hee.

BREAKING the BLOGGIN’ absence with these random links

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Random stuff to break the blogging absence...

Smashing Magazine released this set of (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos.

But you might be more interested with this EGG2Chick development pics.

More random links: Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes? | Nasty Little Truth About Space

(Links via GeekPress.com)


And of course... it's Lakers and Celtics once again in the NBA Finals!

Though I must admit... I was rooting for the Spurs.

But inspite of that Game 4 no-foul-called in the last 2.1 seconds controversy (which the NBA admitted after a day ( videos here )) and that NBA fixing games conspiracy theories... the lakers did outperform the experienced (/old), classy and professional on and off the court (they even defended the referee non-call before the NBA admitted the mistake), yet also boring on papers, but always efficient defending champion... the San Antonio Spurs.

I guess Obiwan Ginobili was no match for Anakobe Skywalker after all.

Star Trek Home Theatre

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All I want for Christmas is this Star Trek Home Theater.

Dream on, WildFire.

Dream on.


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Yeah I know... I know.

It's alright. It's alright. This BLOG moves in mysterious ways.

Beautiful DAY

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This is the part where we have an awkward moment with an entity whom we haven't had conversation with for quite some time.


No posts for more than three months to be precise.

Christmas 2006 went by... New Year 2007... Valentine's day and even this blog's third year online and I haven't been able to pushe myself into posting anything here.

I got tagged too. (I'll post a separate scribble for that.)

And, Yes... foxpro.catalyst is three years old... : )

Ah three years of encrypting anti-alien-invasion code maps and schematics in the guise of FoxPro-related materials for covert cybernetically enhanced humanoids in seven areas of this planet.

(The old process was to embed in each image posted an encrypted message which you can extract through its RGB/HSL/dimension values, and decode using a dynamically-modified key stored somewhere in this site. (Again old process so I'm revealing it now.))

Seriously... thanks for all the fish, the visits, the rss grabbin', the linking, and reading.


So where were we for the past few months..?

The easiest answer is to barf out that b--- word, which every human, including (but not limited to), those who discovered porn, use these days.

The world, our world is slowly being filled with humans who tend to be always busy.

(And pretending to be busy.)

(There's that space between Task.001 and Task.002 so we invented blogs.)

So where were we really..?

Let's just say qs and I decided to take this little work-quest that we have started around five years ago to another level.

I will share the specifics, some keypoints, random roadblocks, issues, fruits and some details of this journey.


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Alien ate this portion. We'll retrieve that post later.



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Technology and the products of innovation should not only be for the rich.

Rich financially and... well, intellectually.

It should be for everyone.

Including my pet.

And my pet's friend's imaginary pets.

The most successful tech companies... and innovators know this. Understand this. Breathe this mindset.

It's in their blood streams.


(I started this last September 1. It is already the 9th of October and I can't seem to locate the continuation of those buffered thoughts. There must be something wrong with the swapping mechanisms installed in my brain.)


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Thanks arazodnem for pointing to me that weird stretchin' that can only be seen if you're using FireFox.

Meticulous FireFox reminds me of that who-shall-remain-nameless client of ours who really really checks even the most minor that's-out-of-this-world-already but could-possibly-happen-parts of our systems.

They're a pain in the arse sometimes... but we need them to GROW... to IMPROVE.

Don't get me wrong, FireFox-zealot.

I do like FireFox. In more ways than one, it is in fact better than IE.

Fsck the standards though. And the standards-matic individuals.

So what if an application can automatically correct the negligence of some humans who are so lazy enough to even check out the 'standards'.

I like that better than obsessive compulsive applications.

The stretching error occured because of my extensive-usage-of-dashes-in one of the posts.

IE auto-parsed that one. FireFox... did not.

So who do you think gets my vote in this department.

Oh wait. Let me check the ports and exploits TheLEGION are attacking while I'm scribbling this inside IE.

LIGHTNING+FLUCtuations 1 WildFire 0

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MY working mojo's hampered by two consecutive hardware-related problems that are currently resting on my shoulders.

The first deals with a hard disk crash which I have scribbled about somewhere but decided not to post online since I have just recently blogged about a similar crash last April.

I was able to salvage everything last April. This time, of the three partitions that crashed, I was only able to save 2.

LIGHTNING+FLUCtuations = 1 | WildFire = 0.

So after backing up files like crazy for days... leaving the PC to winrar stuff overnight, writing and re-writing everything on DVD-Rs and some spare hard disks and countless re-organizations and sleeping around 4 in the morning (rising around 7AM to check the compression process and sleeping once again), I am beginning to see the light.


That's when another hardware-related work-mojo-crashing event came in.

Now our 1 year and 7 months old Canon A95 digital camera started puking purple stuff in its LCD.

I did my homework for 6 months, deciding what I really need and reading tons of reviews, samples and comparisons online and offline before acquiring this cam.

The feedback then was good. And it is still good even now.

Plus it did perform well. In fact I filled one CD-R in a month with pictures while it took me two years to fill that same quantity with my previous digital cam.

It performed well... very well until it decided to 'hey-Canon-released-a-list- of-camera-models-with-CCD-issues- and-we're-not-included- and-we're-out-of-warranty-s o-let's-just-kick-WildFire's-arse- while-he's-down-and-create-a-problem'.

Canon service center can fix this I know but the charge is just a pain in the pocket. Especially since this one's still that 'young' and hasn't even matured enough to test some gravity-defying stunts.

It never fell.

The anti-GRAV belt my pet tiger made for this was never activated.

It's always taken care of. Always in its Canon case when not in use, inside a secure cabinet guarded by imaginary tech-wasps protecting it from dust and insects and all harmful factors.



To compensate for this... I'll give you a tip. When canvassing things online of the things you want to purchase, don't just google reviews and specs. Be sure to check out the complaints as well.

Goodness that exists… in humans.

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Yesterday was one tiring client visit. (Buffered blog. So 'yesterday' here means some time last week.)

Productive, I might say, but still... tiring.

Most client visits we can finish in less than five hours. Updates are already planned, logged and ready to be executed and implemented on site.

We have 9 database systems running on approximately 20+ computers in this client, used by 6 different offices distributed in three different buildings.

Add the President's office that we oftentimes visit, their server/IT room which we sometimes raid, and another administrative staff office, all in all we visit 9 offices in a lucky day.

Yesterday's mission involves re-orienting the new batch of staff, and the old ones as well.

Funny how we end up discussing in the span of for four and a half hours, problems that are, in a way, not directly related to the flow of the systems, but which lie more in the manner by which the systems are implemented and are mostly outside the 'direct scope' of the programs.

(You can't program a program that will convince the Admin about the effects of issueR that involve staffL and her fascination about alien life forms and databases, which if you look closely, might indeed help staffC and headstaffQ in the usage of the system.)

Out of respect to the client, we will refrain from delving into that... for now.

All in all we were able to address, give recommendations and point out the advantages and disadvantages of the things they want to happen.

Tiring but smooth. A couple of hours on the bus and we're home. Five hours travel time to and fro and seven and a half hours of presence in the client's site.

Smooth... yeah... until I discovered the next day that I had left a CD in the client's CD-ROM drive containing all the files, source codes, and proposals we have been working on for the past three and a half years.

I'm sure I did freak out for 10 minutes or so... called the gods of thunder and wind... wanted to find a picture of myself, pin it on the wall emblazoned with 'stupid programmer' as its label in a 192-point bold formatted Impact font.

I sms-ed one of the admin staff of that site, but she was not in the workplace.

Another 10 minutes went by with me blaming myself and thinking of how I will design the frames of that stupid-picture frame.

When I calmed down, I knew I had two choices.

One is to brave the storm, tomorrow or the next day, if not today, travel for around five hours and 'rescue' the CD. Transportation expenses, time spent, and probably extra medicines (in case the storm melts my external shields) is of course justified considering the contents of that CD.

The second option is... well... trust in the goodness that exists in humanity, however dormant it may seem these days. That human integrity is still there.

I chose the latter option. I'll take the risk.

Risky indeed it is... but some things are worth believing in.


If in the future, this sort of test fails... I have always kept a cybernetically enhanced pterodactyl who inspite of being a pesco-vegetarian for the last 17 years of its 10012 years of existence has been wanting to break out of that way of life since that past 7 years but has not found enough reason to do so... : )

Swallowed MindCatcher.

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Sometimes I would like to think that a human mind... his thoughts... always scream for a larger arena.

Probably that's why we have blogs. Especially for those humans like me, who in person, don't talk that much.

I only talk much to the persons I hold dear... like my qs... : ]

(Outside that limited circle of comfort zone, you have to yell at me ten times before I'll give you a go-away-nod.)

From philosophical matters, to Luis Royo's art, to her rants... to comics, including, but not limited to, Wolverine, the Dark Knight, Spidie and yes, even the boy scout, Supe.

Ah trust me, comics are much, much better than the re-hashed/re-invented same old boring formula that movies barf out. You know those - origins, then meta meets girl, conflicts come in... then no matter how good the plot may be it always end with one big fight.

Spiderman did that. Even Batman Begins, which is definitely a good movie using the same formula. Even Matrix did that. (And these are good ones... we don't even want to discuss those not-so good ones.)

(I haven't watched Superman Returns and X-Men III though.)

Back to the arena... I have so much buffered bloggable thoughts already that I wanted to share. But in between the time they were initialized in the mind (usually around 3AM before I sleep) and the time ther are suppose to be scribbled here in Dreamweaver, my notepad in terms of things like this... they are lost in transition.

Sometimes I do wish that one human would invent a mind capture of some sort that captures the imprints of the mind.

(Not just like the dream-caching machine you saw in that Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie. A real, real-time if it has to, catcher.)

So much have been lost already.

Probably extreme poverty could've been solved if a mind capture like that is already in existence. Probably peace on earth will finally reign. Meanings of life discovered. All bugs squashed and we won't find ourselves endlessly entrenched in PL and OS-related arguments.

In between this time, I usually am able to understand the complex being known as women... only to lose every bit of solutions and formulas in the first light of day.

Ah... too many bloggable stuff... so very little time.

Mind-catcher, bub.

ColdPLAY… Manilow… coding and Thor’s hammer.

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You know... Coldplay rocks. Shiver and Yellow from their Parachutes album rock. Every song in their Rush of Blood to The Head album rocks. Now this X and Y album starts to grow rocks on my hair.

Yes they're effective for coding, getting you, the coder, into the coding zone. That is if you can get over the depressing effect they have on some humans.

(The reason why qs hates listening to them she claims.)

Their songs now sit next to my U2 collection of coding songs, SwordFish's soundtrack and NIN's neuron-pounding selections.

Good for coding... good for coding.

Soulful... they are.

A couple of days ago, qs and I were in a taxi on our way to the mall when the vehicle's radio bombarded us with these Barry Manilow songs, then a couple of uber-mushy-first-love-story-type songs of the 80s. Adding insult to injury was a DJ who read life quotes so trite and cheezy they made me want to shove them down his mouth down to his esophagus to his intestines using Thor's hammer coming from three galaxies above...

... programmers should employ every means to avoid these types of songs. It zaps out too much coding energies. These songs kicks you out of the coding zone after which covering TheZone with adamantium walls which span 10-miles equipped with more than enough shi'ar technology to prevent you from going back in.

Again... do avoid these songs.

From what I've heard, they cause impotency and sterility too.

Avoid, you must.

DEPTHCORE: Remix and Repent

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DEPTHCORE: Remix and Repent

I kept on forgetting this.

Depthcore's latest pack, Remix and Repent was released sometime last last week. Awesome pack it is.

If you can't get pass the 2MB flash file intro (bee hee), you can click the Enter Depthcore link. Here's a direct link to the main section and here's a direct link to the Remix and Repent pack.

I, with my current internet connection speed, [a] wasn't patient enough to view the splash [b] started thinking there was a problem with my current flash and browser and [c] started suspecting alien-related covert activities were happening as the file was loading.

After five failed attempts and the paranoia for an alien invasion growing, I decided to view the html source code, grabbed the link to the .swf file and download it manually through GetRight.

Too huge I know.

Not that I don't like it... it is indeed a cool splash with a cool beat (If you haven't checked out the music department of DepthCore, you're missing .01982828 part of your life.)

Some might also whine about the lack of a loading progress bar... but hey, some of us do like punishing humans and bandwidths alike.

As for me... I've learned my lessons already.

But that doesn't mean I won't repeat those bandwidth punishing stunts in the future... : ]

The Details… AGAIN.

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I was reading an archived copy of Mark Cuban's blog last week. (see wikipedia.org/Mark_Cuban)

This was after I watched Game 6 of the NBA Finals 2006 on a bus enroute to a client visit. The first game I watched since Michael Jordan left. But more on that later, now let's go back to Mark Cuban's blog.

There are very interesting points he mentioned in his blog which I'd like to CP.

Substance comes from detail. Luck comes from detail. Winning comes from being willing to do the work on the details. Learning comes from investing in details.


Aggregate data from a lot of games over a lot of seasons, and all of the sudden you have a database with value.

Once you have information, then you can add brainpower and try to do things better.

Once you have information, then you can start to define excellence and strive for it, measuring your progress along the way.

Source: I know you are... but what am I...

Cool blog. Cool dude.

Back to that game. Miami won and I think everyone knows that part already. But watching an NBA game after years... five... four or even more I'm not really sure. All I recognize is the NBA logo, Shaq who's now a little old and slower but wiser... Payton and two more players whose names I could not remember.

I recognized Pat Riley though.

What amazed me is the camera movement though. It was seemingly hovering, rotating and being in the best angles. It was far far better than when I was following game after game way way back before.

Hmm... can we implement that on database systems. Like a sort of hovering software/sentient being or something that really monitors how data travels, bumps and all.

MY qs is a woman from Mars.

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No one weaves words, rants, angsts as eloquently and intricately with wit and, yes of course, nice and light things included, than MY qs.

Her views of... and philosophies in life are encapsulated in these lithesomeice archives which we are reuploading in TheLair, which she herself HTML-ized (css... javascripts and backend stuff included).

I find myself reading them again and again (especially now that she is learning how to use white spaces) and being woven into the complex mind of a... woman.

(But then again... qs is a woman from Mars.)

And yes, I always do enjoy reading them... : )

I know you would too.

LithesomeIce Archives + About

Greg Moreno: Interruption is Your Enemy

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Greg Moreno: Interruption is Your Enemy.


Sometimes it even takes weeks for me to get into the zone. I received a Level III certification on the pretending-to-be-working skill seven years ago.

I don't agree with the Josh Groban part though... : )

Related link: (Music... war... and neurons, baby.)