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Music... war and neurons

I can't understand how some humans can read with pumped up music playing against their ears.

Some humans can't understand too how I can manage to work with Nine Inch Nails noise or Paul Oakenfold's trance beat whirring against my ears.

Honestly I can't understand why they can't understand.

You see... programming is one of the ultimate battles between man and machine. (Hell yeah!)

You and your 'logic neurons' tapping the computer while it patiently and keenly watches in the background barfing out mocking words of encouragement once in a while in the form of error messages disguised in 07200000xHEFX statements, which most of the time the programmer pretends to understand.

Well in fact, they don't.

It's like being in a room with two rude aliens from x::country talking in their x-ian dialect smiling at you. They smile at you, you smile back at them not knowing that they're talking about your protruding nose hair already.

So why again the loud music?

One reason is that every battle scene needs a soundtrack. The bloodbath is nothing if you can't feel the swish and cuts through the music... the beat... the chant.

It's a battle everytime you're infront of the PC, problem is... everything is owned by the machine. The hypnotic monitor in front of you, the sinister keyboard that strains you and the harmless looking mouse which in truth poisons your libido.

They're all part of the big domination plan orchestrated by 00086-entities.

In fact if you're pointing out the previous programmers and software engineers that created those nifty down to the core codes and thinking that it's a man versus man battle actually... you're wrong.

Terribly wrong.

Around 42% of these humans have defected already to the side of the machine. 28% are cyborgs in disguise created by the machines itself and the rest are unknown entities. Perhaps included in that classified and unleaked information.

You see when machines mark something as a secret or make that lSecret(ComponentName, 1000) == .T., it is really set to .T. and it will remain that way unless the machine itself overrides it's 1024 layered 2048-bit encrypted password protection.

With humans... secrets are well, secret which is a good object of discussion as long as the other human refrains from telling it to another human without him/her making a blind promise of not telling it to five more humans in one day.

But this secret topic deserves a different post. Let's go back to loud music.

Everything is owned by the machine except the music.

The language of the soul... music and the soul... two things you can never digitize. Well at least no classified information pertaining to that process is 'in the open'.

Music helps you beat the machine... pumps up your neurons and distracts the machine. In fact running WinAmp would add a thread to a CPUs work.

But the machine is more powerful than that. In fact the crashes you often see is just one way of pretending that an error occurs. When a certain application 'shoots' and fires up events that corrupt the memory, or let's say a lame driver poisons the kernel-mode heap, the computer core knows that.

In fact it can prevent it but since he's too busy playing poker during the 'normal office human hours', he fires up screens that manifests the problem. Besides if he fixes everything the world will produce more 'bad' programmers... and trust me when I say the world has enough of this already to supply 10 evolutions of humankind.

Now you're wondering why it is colored blue.

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