Sunday | February 29.2004

It's Sunday. Don't expect work-related blogs from me. I'm just here organizing archived files, preparing them to be toasted and burned when i stumbled upon an old WEP chess game and memories with beloved Ziggurat were rekindled. When computers were 'taught' to play chess, it was a BIG DEAL already... well, at least for me. When they paired it with the great Kasparov, it was getting ambitious. Now these chess computers claim being on track to overtake humans in... guess what year... 2004. Now's the time to start raising the terror alarm to RED.

At least old Ziggurat resigned during our game earlier. Now that's an idea... superfast intelligent computers that can accurately predict if they'll lose or win at the start of the game judging from the human opponent's odor.

A fellow affiliate of the other site i created (pixelcatalyst.lair) and a co-member of depthcore, releases Shadowness V4 Eevo X. I know it's not foxpro-related, but as i said earlier, it's Sunday.
WildFire on 11:42 PM CST [ link ]

UHM... yes, software can do this. And this was what... twenty years ago. Just imagine what it can do these days.

Wired Magazine's The Complete Guide to Googlemania! Anything Google related is interesting... and in some ways, inspirational.
WildFire on 10:50 PM CST [ link ]

I can fill this space with words about Steve Jobs but that won't be necessary. I'll just scribble the words Apple, PowerMac G5, PowerBooks, iBooks, Pixar, iPod, iTunes and this interview from Rolling Stone.
WildFire on 06:06 PM CST [ link ]

As my friend protozoa calls it, 'infowarp of the night'... Code Guru.

Also this afternoon, after my regular sleep on the office table, i was reading a sample chapter from that Hacker's Guide to Visual Foxpro 6.0 book, which is one of the FoxPro books included in my 'things-to-acquire' list. The section i was reading was indeed a 'hacker's guide'... 'hack' in it's original term. It explains beyond the normal description of fields and goes into the inner workings of certain database-related objects. It is _indeed_ a must have book.

You can download more sample chapters at Hentzenwerke Developer's Studio Apartment. Will Hentzen, the publisher of those books, is one of the most respected person in the Visual Foxpro community. Quite sad to think that he is leaving Visual Foxpro behind.
WildFire on 01:57 AM CST [ link ]

Saturday | February 28.2004

I was reviewing The 24 Dreaded Questions for Visual Foxpro once again this morning and i realized that even if i am using Visual Foxpro for five years now and Clipper 5.2/'87 for three years before that, there are still a number of questions i cannot answer. Of course, i could experiment right now and have answers to these things but i'd rather leave them as it is until i'll stumble upon them while using Visual Foxpro. Besides, the quest for learning is best done when the virtue of rushing things is eradicated from one's system.

If there's one question in that article which will be left unanswered for a long time, that would be the one that deals on VFP DEBUGGER. I have used debuggers for old Turbo Pascal and C/C++ programs, Clipper's CLD.exe and even Visual Basic 3.0's debugger during college days... but i have yet to use the one VFP has.

No... it's not the nightmares they cause at night that make me refrain from using it... nor the superstitious belief that debuggers are discontinued alien technologies for drilling holes in human brains, but rather, it was this former officemate of ours who would make of fun of us when he sees us using Clipper's CLD debugger. We have much respect for this linux-lovin' person that it is still fine for us even if he stands in our side taunting us as we pound those keys, solving pressured problems for clients behind the cashier waiting for us to recompile our programs so that they can check things which can be done the next day.

WildFire on 11:05 PM CST [ link ]

Listening to the music produced by a certain U2 concert DVD in the background while working on this IUMS project made me wanna shift careers. You know... be a rocker instead of a 'coder'. (I'm not even giving you a link to U2's site. You have to be living on a different world for the past three decades for you not to know this band.)

Seriously, i'm back to 'real' coding-related stuff this day after spending more than a week doing foxpro-related researches, downloading reference materials from the 'net and at the same time finishing this site. IUMS stands for Internet Usage Monitoring System, created for three clients, while one school is already using it in two of their internet laboratories. More info on this project will be given in the days to come.

Also... a report template was created this afternoon using VFP's default Report Designer. But before that, i get to do what i like doing with databases, creating algorithms that transfer records to another database with a different 'information format'. Too make it simple (and clearer), that means the data entered on a certain USAGE.dbf (LONG LIVE the DBF format!) are being calculated and stored on a different database but this time concentrating on the totals... the total of HS/GS/COLLEGE students accessing the internet per month/day/year categorized by gender... odor... and so on. This would also include Faculty and NTS internet usage and the ratio of the lecture-related visits as compared to their 'accidental porn clicking'.

Now there... i'm starting to include the work-related logs on this site. But of course, foxpro-related links will always be posted. Like an introduction to ShellExecute() perhaps?
WildFire on 01:06 AM CST [ link ]

Friday | February 27.2004

... and at two in the morning, i stumbled upon this Public Foxpro FTP Site which contains lots of Foxpro related tools and examples, service packs from version 3.0 to 8.0 and a directory named 'WHY_FOXPRO' which contains multimedia files and presentations and a number of articles which probably tells why FoxPro rocks. But i think we know that part already. (",)
WildFire on 01:36 AM CST [ link ]

Thursday | February 26.2004

I downloaded these RAS/G2 Crafted VFP Developer Tools from Rick Schummer's site last night. These tools are also available at along with HackCX Pro and ViewEditor Pro. I still have to test implement it... maybe after i'm done with my IUMS project.
WildFire on 10:38 AM CST [ link ]

Microsoft's Bill Gates predicts that the traditional password-based protection is headed for extinction because it cannot 'meet the challenge' of security. Hmmm... is he's really referring to the password-based security or Windows OS? I wonder what teaming up with AMD can really do. But i do agree, human-related factors are indeed a weakness, well at least in terms of security.

Looks like Microsoft is indeed serious about security these days.
WildFire on 10:19 AM CST [ link ]

Wednesday | February 25.2004 is 70% GOOD and 30% Evil. While both 'WildFire' and 'foxpro.catalyst' is 99% GOOD / 1% Evil. Check Gematriculator for yourself. Have fun.

This User Interface != Usable Interface article by Sriram Krishnan points out an important issue that some, if not most, programmers seem to neglect.
WildFire on 11:24 PM CST [ link ]

W32.NETSKY.B is bugging this inbox of mine lately. And worse i'm receiving this generic warnings from other servers that i'm sending them. I've scanned my computer already and like that previous Novarg worm, it contains nothing. It seems that worms these days are getting wiser... that e-mail sender masking is one of their clever feature. Anyway SYMANTEC offers a stand-alone removal tool... even if you don't have NAV installed on your PCs. I'm sure other anti-virus softwares do have their tools for this one.
WildFire on 10:10 PM CST [ link ]

What if MS announced that the last upgrade of Visual Foxpro will be in 2005? Great discussion going there... and i strongly believe it doesn't matter that much. More thoughts on this topic later. Visual Foxpro 8.0's extended support will expire on March 31, 2010 not 2005. You can check the other Developer Tools Product Lifecycle dates in that link too.

Besides Europa (VF9) is coming late this year... and we expect it not only to include more features, but to extend Foxpro's Product Lifecycle as well.
WildFire on 11:04 AM CST [ link ]

Have you ever find yourself wanting to overwrite the main .exe file of your database program but can't do so because someone else in the network is using it and you get that windows sharing violation error..? Probably yes. Normally you would call each of the users and ask them to quit. Just imagine the hassle it would give. Magnify the problem with the amount of users accessing your program.

Now here's a nifty loader solution to that problem as presented by Mike Lewis.
WildFire on 03:22 AM CST [ link ]

Whoa... i was joking about this principle of converting scents to 0s and 1s when i was studying in college... and now they're making it.
WildFire on 01:29 AM CST [ link ]

Early this day, I was tinkering with this ListView Control sample demonstration. It's just a 142KB file but you'll learn some new tricks from it.
WildFire on 01:05 AM CST [ link ]

As time moves forward and humanity seems to get 'older' that wisdom is having a hard time catching up with humanity already... it seems that humans care less and less about humans but gives more focus on moral responsibility towards robotic dogs. Quite sad.
WildFire on 12:26 AM CST [ link ]

What is

" is an e-mail notification system that scans the entire Microsoft Knowledge Base every night, and e-mails you when updates or additions are made to the technologies, you subscribe to."

Check it out:
WildFire on 12:11 AM CST [ link ]

Tuesday | February 24.2004

From the creators of WEBConnection, the engine with a 'fat' customer list, comes HTML Help Builder for your application and components documentation.
WildFire on 11:51 PM CST [ link ]

For almost a week now, i've been faced with this question about what to post/blog on this website. Should it be purely FoxPro-related news and utilities? What if i want something that deals with Apple Mac's 64-bit computing... or how the Mars Spirit rover was repaired remotely and space..?

Or worse... about Microsoft's leaked Windows 2000 code. Will it even make Microsoft withdraw their support of FoxPro even more? What if I want to share something about QRIO... one of the coolest creation invented on this planet?

Or... would i include personal related matters done through the JI process... or work related blogs perhaps? How about graphics related links like what pixelcatalyst.lair (my GFX site) is offering? These are the things i'm reflecting on right now... before i'll release this site some time next month.

Let me hear your thoughts about this... thanks.

WildFire on 11:43 AM CST [ link ]

Now i don't have to click countless HTML links and save them on my hard drive one by one, i'll just look forward for a free Fox.wikis offline version in CHM/HTML format this 1st of March 2004. Savvy, eh?

There are wiki offline mirror sites but these files are quite 'old' (06/03/2000) already.
WildFire on 12:20 AM CST [ link ]

Monday | February 23.2004

SEXY Foxpro tools of the day: Developer Tools at Kirtland Associates Inc. The calendar control that does not use ActiveX component is worth checking out... the source is even included for further customization.
WildFire on 07:10 PM CST [ link ]

This is old post, around two months old, but heck... it is worth reading. Andrew MacNeill highlights Top 10 FoxPro-related news of 2003.

Hmmm... Microsoft plans to post the public beta of Europa at MSDN this coming June of 2004. Something to look forward to.
WildFire on 07:02 PM CST [ link ]

Sunday | February 22.2004

Have fun experimenting and using WIN32 functions in Visual FoxPro.
WildFire on 09:12 AM CST [ link ]

While it may require you to download two LARGE file (Adobe's Generic PostScript Driver [7MB] and GhostScript [6MB]), this Free PDFMaker for Visual Foxpro from 1AM Software is worth trying out.

Feedbacks or any kind of related information on this is much welcome.
WildFire on 08:59 AM CST [ link ]

CHARGED UP my GetRight Download Manager last night downloading foxpro-related utilities and sample source codes at's download section. The VFP CodeBook, a good reference material can also be found in the said site.

And while you're there, i suggest you check the Email list section which holds ProFox and ProFoxTech, two of the leading e-mail support list for VFP.
WildFire on 08:41 AM CST [ link ]

Saturday | February 21.2004 - "Technical Work Forums For Computer Professionals". There's a separate section for Foxpro 3.0 and beyond, and for Foxpro 1.0 to 2.6 located in the DBMS PACKAGE CATEGORY.

I'm still in the process of posting the 'BIG sites'. As time goes by, i'll be posting direct links to articles, snippets, tips and codes.
WildFire on 11:50 PM CST [ link ]

MVP Jim Booth holds a number of foxpro-related white papers in his site organized according to three categories: Data, User Interface and OOP.
WildFire on 07:42 PM CST [ link ]

I was hoping i could use this space as the place where i can talk about what the site is all about, its aims and visions.
WildFire on 12:24 AM CST
[ more... ]

Friday | February 20.2004

18 VFP Productivity Boosters from Mike Lewis Consultants Ltd. While these tips will not make your database program load and run faster, it will make it easier for you to handle visual foxpro's environment, and in the long run give a difference productivity-wise.
WildFire on 11:52 PM CST [ link ]

More book sample chapters from Hentzenwerke Developer's Studio Apartment. They release and generate one of the best foxpro-related reference around.
WildFire on 08:52 PM CST [ link ]

Foxite - 'The Home of Visual Foxpro Experts'. More from this site later.
WildFire on 06:40 PM CST [ link ]

Dokumentbibliothek I don't really understand the language of some parts of the site, but there are 70++ PDF and DOC files and most of them are in English. All of course are relevant.
WildFire on 06:34 PM CST [ link ]

Back after an hour of rest. It is 01:06AM already in this part of the world. I have tested the site using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and Mozilla 1.6 and every part is working fine so far including the CSS. That's nice.

I have downloaded AXS Visitor Tracking System too, to at least have an idea of the traffic and referrers to this site. No reason to fret, this has nothing to do with the SPYWares that are rampant in the 'net these days. If you're worried about such things, go to LavaSoft and download a free copy of Ad Aware to eliminate these 'spies'.

And while you're at it download a free copy of ZoneAlarm too.
WildFire on 01:03 AM CST [ link ]

Thursday | February 19.2004

One more link before i'll consider this a day... Foxpro Advisor Features.
WildFire on 11:48 PM CST [ link ]

Passing parameters in VFP EXE programs... and How to check if drive is ready. Still... from Sergey Berezniker.
WildFire on 11:33 PM CST [ link ]

Enumerating print jobs in queue by Sergey Berezniker. You can view more printing-related codes in that link too.
WildFire on 11:24 PM CST [ link ]

Universal Thread - Visual Foxpro Zone... our favorite foxpro-related website. News, links, downloads, articles, books, conferences, magazines, jobs and almost any foxpro-related matters under the cyber sun.
WildFire on 11:03 PM CST [ link ]

There are times when VFP's native REINDEX is not enough... here's a utility to rebuild cdx index files. Still... from Ramani. More foxpro-related snippets can be read from his site.
WildFire on 10:53 PM CST [ link ]

Coolness! Now everything seems to be inorder... front-wise. I still have to decide what to do with the inner components such as karma, links, comments and the individual entry pages. A simple header is already activated. Which shows the site name too.

WildFire on 10:35 AM CST [ link ]

TONS (and we really mean TONS) of foxpro-related reference materials at Fox.wikis | I wonder if WIKIPEDIA and the software called wiki, which is considered as 'one of the most fascinating developments of the Digital Age', are behind the inner workings of the said site.
WildFire on 10:13 AM CST [ link ]

This is probably the fourth test in terms of entries. But i can't count the template changes anymore. Right now i'm still tinkering with some css configuration that will hopefully give me complete satisfaction... aesthetic-wise.
WildFire on 08:57 AM CST [ link ]

Microsoft Visual Foxpro Development Center... the official site. Sometimes i wonder why Microsoft can't even give a redirector in case someone types ''.
WildFire on 12:27 AM CST [ link ]

Wednesday | February 18.2004

It is nice to know that someone is compiling the history of foxpro. Have a look inside the events on how all these things started. And while you're there, do check the foxpro timeline too.
Alice on 10:01 PM CST [ link ]

Everything starts with a test. Well... at least almost everything.
Alice on 09:13 PM CST [ link ]

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