Friday | October 20.2006

Infinite SUPPLY of TEST Posts.
WildFire on 08:32 PM CST [ link ]

Celebrating 120 Years of Komis From The Philippines.

Just found out now that the current penciller for Spawn is a Filipino.

Some of my favorite artists including Whilce Portacio, Leinil Francis Yu, Jay Anacleto and Francis Manapul were also mentioned in that article.

WildFire on 04:50 PM CST [ link ]

Tuesday | October 17.2006

I was reading Joss Whedon's interview from a not so old issue of Wizard Magazine during a coding break.

Nice interview from this creator of Buffy.

Though I can't remember finishing an episode of Buffy on TV, his works on Astonishing X-Men caught my attention. Including the thousand others who consider it as one of the best X-Men runs since Claremont/Byrne and Morrison/Quietly.

It also made me go back to reading X-Men books after not reading them for... 12 or more years.

In one part of that interview he mentioned that comic books should not glorify killing and guns. Not killing makes Batman's work even harder. It what makes Batman... Batman.

In fact, not killing The Joker backfired on him and the people close to him so many times.

But I believe Batman's principles are not applicable to the programming world.

Well at least his no-kill policy isn't.

Programmers should be given licenses to kill their users.

Right there.


Ah wait... did I say users?

No, I mean bugs.

Kill bugs right then and there. Kill bugs like there's no tomorrow.

Let them pass... ignore them... just jotting them in your bugtrack file is not enough.

You have to eliminate them on site.

No mercy.

Coders should instead take a page from the book of that character from that awe-inspiring manga Rurouni Kenshin named Saitou.

Had Saitou been living in this era of computers... he would've become a great coder.

He would be the coder where all other coders will be measured.

Drones included.

(Although Rurouni Kenshin is a best selling manga by artist/creator Nobuhiro Watsuki (later adopted as an anime show and commercially released in the US as Samurai X), Saitou by the way is based on a real person.)

Saito's law... for those who are anime-and-manga-impaired is...

'Kill. Evil. Instantly.'

Live by that code, coder.


Now I'm hearing some coders whispering that if we kill all those bugs and make things perfect, the software industry which relies so much on subscriptions/upgrades/versions would not grow.

Not true.


Batman DC comics. Batman artwork above (and Poison Ivy artwork below) from Detective Comics 823.

Guest artist Joe Benitez pencils. Benitez came from Top Cow and is one of the co-creators of The Magdalena titles. He Illustrated Weapon Zero, some kick-arse Darkness Volume I issues and also the Wraithborn mini under the WildStorm imprint.)

The Joss Whedon interview can be read in Wizard Magazine's March 2006 issue. Issue number 173.
WildFire on 05:48 PM CST [ link ]

I'm having some problems posting. I'm not sure if it's my ISP or the CGIs.
WildFire on 05:18 PM CST [ link ]

Tool-warp: (Consider this a filler since I'm having problems with my keyboard.)
WildFire on 03:39 PM CST [ link ]

You changed and re-installed a new Windows XP OS. Let's say on a new hard disk... slaved your previous primary disk.

Now there are certain folders/directories which for reasons you can't track give you this message:

G:\Folder is not accessble.
Access is denied.

You tried things. Fired up some admin tools. Whine and groan... cast spells and nothing works.

You're pretty sure you haven't set those folders to 'Private' before.

Good thing you haven't deleted your previous OS.

You swapped drives again, booting from the previous error-moody WinXP OS. Now you can access them... copy the files to another partition...

Re-swapped drives again and you still can't access it in its new location.

You now start calling the gods of thunder.

Yeah Thor... no not the Civil War cloned one.

The real one.

Thor suggested you copy the files to another PC through LAN/network.

And it worked.

He even told you to clean up the original folders. Since you can't delete them when you're using the new OS already.

(Cool guy... this Thor. Looks like there are Windows XP machines installed in Asgard these days. Loki, I've heard, prefers CentOS though. (Don't ask me why... : ))

Then you start transferring 8GB files for 30++ minutes or so.

Things solved.

A lot of time wasted though.

I'm sure there's a more efficient and logical way to solve this but I haven't googled that much after solving the problem.

That was a month ago.

Now I'm faced with the same problem again.

I can't call Thor this time. He's into ballet lessons with Namor somewhere in an undisclosed area. From what I've heard Ben Grimm is joining them this week too.

Luckily I discovered a shorter way.

Right click on that inaccessible folder. Click Sharing and Security. Check Share this folder on the network. Check Allow network users to change my files.

Click Apply.

It will display an error message... possibly show that sands of time wait icon but it will make that forbidden folder accessible once more.

This is a sort of short circuit... or whatever you call it. I'm still looking for the real cause and the real documented solutions. If you know one fire me up.

I'm using the admin account and I'm too lazy to test it using another non-admin account, if the 'solution' works.

It works... but think of the security-related issues on the other side of the fence.

Time to end this... my linux zealot friend's here.

Probably he'll invite me to join Thor and Namor one of these days.
WildFire on 03:37 PM CST [ link ]

Monday | October 09.2006

Alien ate this portion. We'll retrieve that post later.

WildFire on 03:39 PM CST [ link ]

Pink Tentacles. Woohootness... fembots!

Here: GOOGLE GADGETS for your website. (via
WildFire on 03:37 PM CST [ link ]

RY finally updates

Great job!
WildFire on 03:36 PM CST [ link ]

Technology and the products of innovation should not only be for the rich.

Rich financially and... well, intellectually.

It should be for everyone.

Including my pet.

And my pet's friend's imaginary pets.

The most successful tech companies... and innovators know this. Understand this. Breathe this mindset.

It's in their blood streams.


(I started this last September 1. It is already the 9th of October and I can't seem to locate the continuation of those buffered thoughts. There must be something wrong with the swapping mechanisms installed in my brain.)

WildFire on 03:34 PM CST [ link ]

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