Monday | January 31.2005

I'm a Masamune Shirow fan... looking forward to this: APPLESEED.
WildFire on 04:59 PM CST [ link ]

Visual Foxpro - January 2005 Newsletter from the Editor is out along with some VFP9 resources. Do check out Visual Foxpro Home for more.
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Friday | January 28.2005

I had to rush home yesterday after that TechFest 2005 VisualFoxpro session because I had a client schedule in the afternoon.

Had I stayed longer, I could've met Rodney Jao, a college computer professor of ours who had back to back sessions. One on How to Move to Visual Studio .NET and another session on Building Smart Client Applications.

That's the person who first introduced Visual Foxpro to our batch.

Ah... who could forget that client/server chat project from him and how he tortured our minds during project defense.

Here's a new fox-related blog added to my rss reader: Fiat Volpes.

Looks like there are interesting discussions going on about VFP9's EULA. Check this link and this one too.
WildFire on 05:57 PM CST [ link ]

Thursday | January 27.2005

EndIf or End If.

Nice VFP-related blog... even the comments were informative and entertaining.

Related to that blog above is this post by YAG which enumerates some previous Fox developers working on other teams inside MS.

Looks like even Raymond Chen was a former Fox programmer..? (via FoxBlog)

I know I'm quite late on these links.

Even my RSSBandit is barfing out 558 feeds in the VFP folder and 8656 unread feeds all in all.

But I'll catch up... I'll catch up.

Ah this one is quite new: Undocumented APIs and 16 bit DLLs.
WildFire on 05:21 PM CST [ link ]

David and I went to Microsoft TechFest 2005. He's the speaker for that Visual Foxpro session and I acted as his bodyguard so I can crash in. (If you remember I did blog about that event's registration being closed before I can register myself.)

But the bodyguard approach was Plan B. One nice employee from Microsoft was kind enough to allow David to bring one companion.

Also, it was the second day of TechFest, so admission was not that tight.

Anyway... we arrived 30 minutes earlier, met Jojo Ayson (Product Manager for Microsoft Business Solutions and Platform Security), chatted for awhile and set the presentation equipments with the help of the hotel/event technical staff (which were good at what they're doing btw).

The talk went smoothly with David discussing Visual Foxpro related approaches. It was when he presented his MzBot though when the crowd lit up.

Anyway he'll probably post the powerpoint presentation within the week. (I'll link to it once it is uploaded.)

There were giveaways... three shirts and two Windows 2003 server books. I was joking with David at the start of the session that we split the books and bring them home.

David gave out questions afterwards... first one was dbf related and off went the first book. The second, third and fourth questions were for the shirt and attendees who took down notes were able to answer them.

I refrained from participating, considering that I was with Mz and I was just a 'gate-crasher'. (I didn't even register (I hate sign up forms (online or 'offline' (one of those thousand reasons why I hate taxes)))).

Anyway... when the second book was about to be given away, I was whispering these 'Goodbye-book' words.

When David asked the last question... 'When will VFP9 be released?' Surprisingly, no one raised their hands. So when David told the crowd even the year would do... and no one still attempted to answer... I raised my hand.

For someone who's monitoring VFP and VFP-related blogs, the question is quite easy to answer. I even included the exact date it was 'RTM'-ed (Released to Manufacturing).

But then again... in that situation, probably even if I mumbled the wrong dates, they would still hand out that book to me.

It was meant for me.

Besides, it's the first time in years I've taken a bath very early.

(I'll post some pics tomorrow if time permits.)
WildFire on 04:46 PM CST [ link ]

Wednesday | January 26.2005

The TechFest 2005 session on Visual Foxpro will be tomorrow from 9AM to 10AM. David Tindugan (Mz/DarkReligion) will be talking on the Best Practices in VFP and other VFP-related topics.

If you're one of those lucky humans who was able to 'get in' before the registration was closed after just five days, be sure to check that session out.
WildFire on 02:21 PM CST [ link ]

Tuesday | January 25.2005

Problem. Solution.

If someone wants to include Emotions in the equation, it should not cloud the solution part.

It can... however... be used to fuel the solution. Ignite... spark.

Behind... not in front. Not over it. Not covering it.

Remember that... deve-wan.
WildFire on 06:11 PM CST [ link ]

Saturday | January 22.2005

Four client visits in the last five days. Been really really busy.

Currently downloading 200++ e-mails in the background (subscription/mailing lists related and spam of course).

I still have around 5000+ feeds queued on my rssbandit.

I am tempted to zap them all so I can catch up but there are tons of interesting stuff in there. So it's just there unmarked for future reading.

Partly it intimidates me already.

If humans would work hard at present will the future hold enough resources for him to be lazy and do whatever he really wants without thinking of acquiring minerals..?

Or is this an endless battle of acquiring resources in order to fill the basic needs of life..?
WildFire on 02:42 PM CST [ link ]

Wednesday | January 19.2005

That BLOG ERROR was brought to you by WildFire.
WildFire on 03:59 PM CST [ link ]

Permutations sample code in Visual Foxpro.

Lack of posts as of late... I know.

It's a gruesome battle between deadlines (stress the 's') and me. So far the deadlines are clobbering me. The seductive entity known as 'sleep-sleep-get-more-sleep' has been helpful to the dark side.

Hopefully I could regain the balance in the force before this month ends.

Today is the 19 of January. Qsez celebrate the liberation from asterisks this very day.

Something to really smile about.
WildFire on 03:57 PM CST [ link ]

Friday | January 14.2005

Good news: Microsoft Philippines TechFest 2005 includes a session on Visual Foxpro.

Bad news... registration is already closed. (Due to 'overwhelming response' (probably the inclusion of Visual Foxpro has something to do with it))

Perhaps I should accept Mz's offer to talk in that event to get in, eh?
WildFire on 01:30 PM CST [ link ] 'Because newer is not always better.'

... and because not everyone has spanking warp speed PCs, that some irresponsible programmers/companies presume and wish their clients/users have or acquire.

I remembered the site when the current version of WinAmp crashed the newly installed server of mine. WinAmp 2.77 works fine... so far.
WildFire on 12:21 PM CST [ link ]

Thursday | January 13.2005

A couple of days ago I watched Alien versus Predator on DVD.

Yes I've heard about the bad write-ups last year.

But being a fan of the great H. R. Giger and the original alien movies, I have always been fascinated with his characters (Think of the original Alien Alien2 Aliens Species Species 2) and the tons of Giger Art you can view at HR Giger Galleries.

If you're looking for that James Cameron/Ridley Scott alien-type of movie, you'll be disappointed with this one. But then again, anything alien-related with humans being devoured here and there fascinates me.

Also seeing the cyborg Bishop of Aliens, become AVP's Charles Weyland somehow disturbs me.

Still... my stand on negative movie reviews holds true even this year and for that 1++ hour away from the keyboard, it is partially entertaining.

This, however, is not the point of this blog.

It's just that for the Nth time I've seen that 'eureka-eureka-pyramids-were-made-by-aliens' in this movie. You've read that idea before in books and even previous sci-fi movies (StarGate and Fifth Element are an example).

Yesterday I was talking to Mr. Blec. (That's not his real name but he prefers to be called that way.)

He claims he was from the past and from the future who accidentally slid into this room while I was re-installing the Compaq-Server computer after that recent critical security update from Microsoft crashed my file/application server.

(Annoying... not Mr. Blec but the crash but I've been wanting to nuke my computers at the start of the year to start with a clean organized slate (blessing in disguise perhaps (but that would be another story for now))).

Anyway back to Mr. Blec, from one topic to another we somehow arrived to that 'alien created pyramids' notion which made him smirk and said he's tired of hearing that stuff already.

He believes it is an insult to him and the whole of humanity as well.

He said he was an engineer (although it wasn't called that way) in the past. He was one of the major brains behind the pyramids. He worked for three Aztec years perfecting the design back when patents were non-existent and fellow inventors respected each other instead of re-inventing the wheel. Patent lawyers and the whole law-tazmanian clan were also non-existent.)

He said these pyramids stand the test of time because back then inventors/engineers were never after the 'rewards'. Unlike these days where equipments seem to last a day after their warranties expire.

In fact he claims it was humans who taught aliens fire and technology.

How come these aliens are far more advanced..?

Because most of them don't create destructive-related technologies/inventions/products and mix lust, greed, love, fame and all carelessly.

'They don't destroy life, create fictional stories and scapegoats to bombard countries and label it as 'liberation'.

There's more really but I'll just scribble that 'another story for now' line here for I still have to finish up some codes.

Oh... where's Mr. Blec you ask?

He's still 'stranded' in this era... repairing some gizmos and playing with my pet pterodactyl.

He'll share more stories... for sure.
WildFire on 04:09 PM CST [ link ]

Tuesday | January 11.2005

It is almost two weeks already since 2005 got initialized but somehow I still can't get over the holiday-be-a-bum-hang-over that has clouded me for weeks.

(Which feels good really...)

The vacation from work was fun... and qs already summarized one of its 'highlights' in her blog.

I still can't get myself into the coding zone. The programming mood still refuses to swing in. Probably, having to create a user guide as one the first things to do this year also contributes to that lack of spark.

Probably not...

Anyway... better buffered than purged, belated happy new initialized year, everyone.

May we accumulate enough productive results, stuff and whatever and even dangling references before nThisYear becomes nThisYear = nThisYear + 1.
WildFire on 02:31 PM CST [ link ]

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