Wednesday | March 29.2006

Tone and Color Enhancement Tutorial (using Photoshop). A nice one from bosniak.
WildFire on 06:48 PM CST [ link ]

Monday | March 20.2006

"Papa, let's use the force na lang."

That's what my four year old told me when the bouncing ball we were playing with rolled underneath the chair and we were both too bummed out to move our butts to get it.
WildFire on 04:23 PM CST [ link ]

Monday | March 13.2006

SPS: Visual FoxPro Visibility

Craig is the Bono (U2) of the FoxPro community. What do they have in common..? Their songs inspire... give hope... shed light.

Now who wants to fill up the slots for TheEdge, Larry Mullen Jr and Adam Clayton... so we can now start dismantling the Atom.NET Bomb, carry that which we cannot leave behind and start our FoxMart Tour?

Seriously... a must read: Visual FoxPro Visibility.

This is Sedna, sing with me.
WildFire on 05:12 PM CST [ link ]

Ah... this is why pampered and cuddable aliens like Andy Kramek. (via AkselSoft)

But then... they're after these robots these days. (Don't forget the video (Watch closely and you'll see the aliens in the background))

Here... settle with some interesting Entrepreneurial Proverbs.
WildFire on 12:57 PM CST [ link ]

Thursday | March 09.2006

A little something-something I'm working on.

It has been months since I have done something for our pixelcatalyst.lair site. My photoshop folder says the latest was last July of last year when I was working on the Contempate artwork, which was released for Depthcore's Deluxe Pack.

It wasn't even for TheLair.

I do hope I could fire up Pixelcatalyst version 7.00 before this year ends. Or better, this May when it celebrates its seventh year online.

Or at least finish V6.

Up to this day, I still receive notes and comments that go along the lines that certain javascripts are not working on the site... to which I would reply... that it is still a 'work in progress...'

And that started a couple of years ago.
WildFire on 05:23 PM CST [ link ]

Tuesday | March 07.2006

Museum of The Improbable. Yeah... pixelwarp warps here. For now.
WildFire on 06:54 PM CST [ link ]

Friday | March 03.2006

SPS: Visual FoxPro's Future.

I have been posting a link to that news blog in a number of forums... I forgot I haven't posted the link here yet.


Now what are you waiting for..? Ride with me, baby.
WildFire on 05:30 PM CST [ link ]

Thursday | March 02.2006

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