Thursday | September 14.2006

Thanks arazodnem for pointing to me that weird stretchin' that can only be seen if you're using FireFox.

Meticulous FireFox reminds me of that who-shall-remain-nameless client of ours who really really checks even the most minor that's-out-of-this-world-already but could-possibly-happen-parts of our systems.

They're a pain in the arse sometimes... but we need them to GROW... to IMPROVE.

Don't get me wrong, FireFox-zealot.

I do like FireFox. In more ways than one, it is in fact better than IE.

Fsck the standards though. And the standards-matic individuals.

So what if an application can automatically correct the negligence of some humans who are so lazy enough to even check out the 'standards'.

I like that better than obsessive compulsive applications.

The stretching error occured because of my extensive-usage-of-dashes-in one of the posts.

IE auto-parsed that one. FireFox... did not.

So who do you think gets my vote in this department.

Oh wait. Let me check the ports and exploits TheLEGION are attacking while I'm scribbling this inside IE.
WildFire on 07:14 PM CST [ link ]

Thursday | September 07.2006

Foxwarp: Gonzomaximus.
WildFire on 07:38 PM CST [ link ]

A BindEvent tip for Grids from Andrew.

If you're like one of us who creates/sets grid objects and properties programmatically during run time, don't forget to set the ColumnCount during design time.


It has been a very busy series of weeks for us here. Normal blogging and updates in TheLair will resume once we have regained momentum and normalized some activities.
WildFire on 07:24 PM CST [ link ]

Friday | September 28.2006

Hands down. Rubix cube solved in 20.09 seconds using just one hand. (Left hand... though I'm not sure if he's a leftie.)
WildFire on 03:33 PM CST [ link ]

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