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VFP at TechFest 2005

David and I went to Microsoft TechFest 2005. He's the speaker for that Visual Foxpro session and I acted as his bodyguard so I can crash in. (If you remember I did blog about that event's registration being closed before I can register myself.)

But the bodyguard approach was Plan B. One nice employee from Microsoft was kind enough to allow David to bring one companion.

Also, it was the second day of TechFest, so admission was not that tight.

Anyway... we arrived 30 minutes earlier, met Jojo Ayson (Product Manager for Microsoft Business Solutions and Platform Security), chatted for awhile and set the presentation equipments with the help of the hotel/event technical staff (which were good at what they're doing btw).

The talk went smoothly with David discussing Visual Foxpro related approaches. It was when he presented his MzBot though when the crowd lit up.

Anyway he'll probably post the powerpoint presentation within the week. (I'll link to it once it is uploaded.)

There were giveaways... three shirts and two Windows 2003 server books. I was joking with David at the start of the session that we split the books and bring them home.

David gave out questions afterwards... first one was dbf related and off went the first book. The second, third and fourth questions were for the shirt and attendees who took down notes were able to answer them.

I refrained from participating, considering that I was with Mz and I was just a 'gate-crasher'. (I didn't even register (I hate sign up forms (online or 'offline' (one of those thousand reasons why I hate taxes)))).

Anyway... when the second book was about to be given away, I was whispering these 'Goodbye-book' words.

When David asked the last question... 'When will VFP9 be released?' Surprisingly, no one raised their hands. So when David told the crowd even the year would do... and no one still attempted to answer... I raised my hand.

For someone who's monitoring VFP and VFP-related blogs, the question is quite easy to answer. I even included the exact date it was 'RTM'-ed (Released to Manufacturing).

But then again... in that situation, probably even if I mumbled the wrong dates, they would still hand out that book to me.

It was meant for me.

Besides, it's the first time in years I've taken a bath very early.

(I'll post some pics tomorrow if time permits.)

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