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Valentines Day

The 14th of February.

Yes... it is 2AM here and it is Valentine's Day.

It's been awhile since I fired up this Foxpro.catalyst html template in Dreamweaver to blog at this hour. During the end of December last year I decided to terminate the internet connection at home so that I could concentrate more on the projects.

(I realized as of late that the internet connection is one factor that keeps me up until three to four AM and wakes me up earlier than the usual time.)

But that is not what this blog is all about.

It's about 'Valentines'.

It's the time of the year where we set .lMushiness.value == .T. in our blogs... well at least for me because I don't remember being mushy since I started blogging on this site.

So if you'd excuse me... at least for one day.

I promise not to exceed the intoxication limit though.

For humans who have their special someone in their lives already, every day is V-Day. You wake up in the morning... glance at your side and smile. You see your angel. You see a lovely person... the reason why you wake up each morning... the essence of your existence.

You see your breath transfigured in a lovely form in a pool of drool and potruding armpit hairs.

As years go by, you tend to ignore it... but still it is there.... not the armpit hair but that inherent essence and presence to thank for... to live for... to breath for.

V-Day is that time of the year to remind you how lucky you are.

Or... if you're one of those who are firing-squad regulars, it is a reminder that you are missing a lot. One way or another you have to remedy that situation.

(Well of course, my friend areman is an exception. He prefers to be in that 'mustang-hood state' until eternity (Ironically, he posts a lot of mush-related stuff in his blogs regularly.)

But simple mathematics would show you that not everyone in this world, by ratio and proportion (disregard fate for now), is bound to have one. And we're not even including those who have two or more in the equation.

Not all can have a special someone. (Real or imaginary ones.)

One of the many reasons why animals exist in this world.

That's what PETS are for.

I've heard of this princess from long long time ago, who was loveless for years that she decided to roam around the lily pond during the second month of the year. She found a frog and... well, you know how that story ends.

(If you don't know about this story you can ask a five year old or you can google things for yourself using these keywords: 'Countess + Ada + Lovelace'.)

So start looking for pets instead of pictures in Friendster or Orkut. (And for heaven's sake it's hard to find love inside porn sites.)

Pets are the ultimate solution.

For starters, I recommend a pet tiger.

In one way or another, tigers do simulate the person you aspire to love.

Kidding aside... happy valentines day to those who have touched my life... my mother (who I considered my first valentine (who taught me art and all (whom I create those kinder/elementary v-cards (even if she's not reading this...)))).

To my father (who taught me logic, math and the push-drive-forward attitude) and my younger sister (who won more math/quiz.bee-related awards than me).

Of course to my little Angel and her 'i-want-to-be-bad-good-is-boring' words (and she's still three years old)... my little Powee who access randomly his crying disc at night... and of course to my loving wife, my qsypie who gives me reason beyond logic and algorithms to dwell and journey in this world...

And I will never forget how she 'freed' and 'rescued' me on Valentines Day a number of years ago.

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