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cyberFox. Yes that's one of my laptop.

I'm also seriously considering merging some amount of photoblogging ( sans the LEGO ) into this workBLOG.


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First post for 2011.

Let's see how this works. Wait... I have to modify that and chop the image into three parts.


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Garbled MESSAGE.


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LHC versus TAO

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When I first heard about the LHC (partly this was the reason for the lack of updates in this site for the past few months (my pet tiger and I were building an anti-singularity/anti-spaghettification floating bunker that could withstand a black hole (Yes it is possible (but no we won't be giving out the secret for now (but here's a hint)))).

Let me do that again, too many open and close parentheses already...

When I first heard about the Large Hadron Collider (wikipedia link / msnbc.techscience link / boston big picture (BIG pictures indeed (here we go again with these parentheses)) my first reaction was joy.


Yes. Joy.

Joy... not because of the promised crispier Tv screens nor faster internet connection or other potential payoffs in the fields of telecommunications, medicine and energy.

(Though I must admit I'm not rooting for these scientists with their Grid to find 'The God Particle'. Science would be more interesting if after a year or two they'll still be singing U2's song.)

It was joy because of the promise of a possible discovery of alternate dimensions.

Of parallel universes.

For developers like you and me working on several simultaneous projects at once for different clients it is a vision of hope.

Imagine if I can just divide N tasks even to let's say distribute them into N/4 parallel universes, I can divide a month's work into just one Earth week's work of time.

Considering that merging them back together would not cost that much.

But even then if it takes one more week to merge them all together that would still result in two extra weeks.

Two extra weeks of doing the things that I really like. Code-related and non-code related. That includes a time for playing LEGO.

Pretty exciting.

It was the way to go.

These parallel universes.

The hope.

The only hope were all other hope and its derivatives will be measured.


Very exciting.


Until that morning just days ago when I met Master Foodahaha(xx).

Don't bother asking me about his name and the extra xx's. (He insisted his name transcends structure.)

But he pointed me out to something more enlightening.

More enlightening than the LHC and their Grid and the Higgs and multi-dimensions.

Something that Master Geoffrey James partially touched on and translated a decade ago but has been existing for centuries in various 'forms'.

That is... The TAO of Programming.

In the beginning was the Tao. The Tao gave birth to Space and Time. Therefore Space and Time are Yin and Yang of programming.

Programmers that do not comprehend the Tao are always running out of time and space for their programs. Programmers that comprehend the Tao always have enough time and space to accomplish their goals.

How could it be otherwise?

- Geoffrey James / The TAO of Programming

Ah... enlightenment.


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Hello world.


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Foxpro.catalyst will turn four tomorrow. That is of course if I could finish this post before midnight.

After that 'accidental' redesign of the OUTPOST FORUM, I planned to work on some templates for this site.

I was into it when for some weird reason I accepted two rushed five day projects, so I'll be postponing the re-design for awhile.

Four years ago, my first post was a test scribble of course followed by a post linking to

Thanks for reading... : )

OUTPOST 1047… Released.

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After the crash we're back.

It's a case of me trying to fix some cgi-bin files at the wrong time.

Had I opted to wait longer... things would have been solved faster.

I think my 'wait for the problem to go away' attitude got snagged somewhere last Thursday.

But then again if I opted for the easier path, you wouldn't be seeing this new interface... : )

And since my hands were already dirty, I decided to upgrade some 2 year old cgi/perl scripts.

I've been using some of these scripts for years now and I saw movements from their respective sites after a long time.

I'm talking about YaBB 2.2 (Two years in the making) / BoardMod 2.5.6 (Previous release was dated 06/10/2005) and GreyMatter 1.8.1 scripts (The one I was using for pixelnews prior to the update was still 1.2).

Also... while I was working on the new outpost interface, I found some easier ways to do things in Photoshop CS 3 which usually takes me 15++ minutes to do in the pre-CS version that I have.

(Time spent for cursing not included.)

I'll be sharing those things later... : )


OUTPOST FORUM 1047 released.


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The Evolution of Tech Companies' Logos.


So that is where the 'apple bite' came from.


WE are currently reconfiguring some parts of the OUTPOST FORUM and TheLair's PIXELnews. You might see some weird stuff po(o/p)pin' out while we're doing this.

OUTPOST queries are TEMPORARILY redirected here. We'll redirect to the new forum once the UPDATE/UPGRADE/Tweaks are completed.


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OK... the rain stopped.

Now let's do some GeSHi TESTING.

  1. procedure UTILS_GETDatabaseIndexes()
  3. set procedure to UTILITIES
  5. select &cFilerDatabase
  6. nTagCount = tagcount()
  7. if nTagCount > 0
  8. dimension aDesc(nTagCount)
  9. for nEXB = 1 to nTagCount
  10. cSRK = 'cIndex' + NUMTOSTR(nEXB, 2)
  11. aDesc(nEXB) = &cSRK
  12. endfor
  14. dimension aIndex(nTagCount)
  15. for nCount = 1 to tagcount()
  16. if !empty(tag(nCount))
  17. cIndexDesc = tag(nCount) + ' (' + ;
  18. aDesc(nCount) + ')'
  19. store cIndexDesc to aIndex(nCount)
  20. else
  21. exit
  22. endif
  23. endfor
  25. .cmbIndex.rowsourcetype = 5
  26. .cmbIndex.rowsource = 'aIndex'
  27. .cmbIndex.value = aIndex(nIndexSortIDNO)
  28. endif
  30. EndProc

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» GeSHi / Generic Syntax Highlighter
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Full Feed in wordpress

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Enabling WordPress Feeds in 2.00

I haven't tried it yet in seven angles, but it seems to be working fine now.

I'm seeing the light. Literally.

I started working on this around 5AM... now the clock says it's 6:59AM.

All for the love of full feeds in rss readers.

I also tried this plug-in from cavemonkey but my semi-functioning mind cannot make it work.

A character error in the previously imported posts also prolonged the debugging agony.


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OK... after countless FTP-in'... hackin'... downloading... reuploading... reconfiguring... and countless other things. I still can't fix a problem in the old GM scripts.

In fairness to the GreyMatter scripts... it's still working. TheLair still holds 1869 posts since 2001 with no problems. It's the scripts installed in the site that is giving me problems.

So I decided to try out WordPress.

Quick install... nice features... I did encounter some problems in exporting the old GM posts... but after a couple of workarounds... it's up.


Until I forgot to note down the generated random admin password. (E-mail for forgotten password still blank.)

PHPMyAdmin module saved the day though.

I am satisfied so far... and will probably re-direct the old one in here.


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UGH... Awrk. Still having problems with the rss.

PLs like this is why we stick with the Fox.

Simple... straightforward and fast.

Now I'll go back to tinkering the unknown.


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I'm in the process of upgrading the GM scripts for this blog... and... let's just say it was a good thing that I made a complete backup before doing that upgrade.


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Yeah I know... I know.

It's alright. It's alright. This BLOG moves in mysterious ways.


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Infinite SUPPLY of TEST Posts.

CGI/ISP Problems

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I'm having some problems posting. I'm not sure if it's my ISP or the CGIs.


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Third TEST for THE DAY.

Stuart Dunkeld

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OOPS. Wrong CGI-bin.

Let me compensate that with this foxpro-warp: Stuart Dunkeld.