NF . Flash and e-paper

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Forget your 'HTML-coding kung fu'... move your arse to Flash err... Flex.

Nah, not until I can get hold of that E-Paper. Remember Minority Report? The changing front page newspapers..? Yup... that's the E-Paper I'm talking about.

Fascinating how movies influence technology. And vice versa. Here's another article about Star Trek 'powered' gadgets being used in daily life. Give credits to the conceptual artists too... like Ryan Church. In a way their minds are behind these innovations.

THOUGHTS . browse and freons

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So true.

It's already 3AM... I'm up re-writing two forms/modules after realizing that a certain function, which will remain nameless for now, won't work anymore after it was compiled into an .exe file. I overlooked that part BIG TIME and discovered the flaw just when I was about to start 'burning' files into a CD-R and selecting which type of dream channel I'd be visiting tonight.

Anyway... the freon's back eventhough I have to stop coding every 320.198725 seconds just to do this little chant so that the fuse would remain intact.

Well... just another day in the life of a Foxpro programmer.

snippet . VFP Port listener

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Just as I was wrapping up the client/server features of Project Sopheiai, I found this VFP Port Listener wiki thread. Ah well... I guess I'll stick with my database approach for now since I am 'passing' large amount of data and from what I've heard, ports are being used by binary-loving-K-Paxians and other two bit alien lifeforms as a means of teleportation these days.

I'm still finishing up the iOpenLogic section of that project but to give you an overview, the server part clicks on a certain client list inside a grid which will return the programs running on a 'client computer' and the sites being browsed as well. In other words SERVER is monitoring if clients are browsing porn related materials or just chatting.

On a different note, Amazon and RSS _is_ a sexy combination.

NF . scoble on Foxpro

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I was googlin' around looking for other Foxpro bloggers when I found that Scoble did post something about Foxpro almost four months ago. There are a lot of good things one can say about the man behind Scobleizer and the practice/idea of seeing the minds behind the development of a product talk/blog about what they are really doing... but I think that would be a subject of another blog for now.

For now let's just boost a Foxpro programmer's ego with Scoble's words:

Heh, the FoxPro community is debating on whether the next version of FoxPro will be the "last." Dang, this argument has been going on ever since Microsoft bought Fox. That happened shortly after I started at Fawcette, what, a decade ago?

Today FoxPro retains one of the strongest user communities of any Microsoft product. It still has some of the best database technology known to mankind. It was just a decade ahead of the rest, that's all.

Will FoxPro be rewritten for Longhorn? As a Longhorn evangelist, I will work to try to convince FoxPro's execs that the business opportunities opened up by the Longhorn wave will give them enough new sales of FoxPro to make it worth the investment. Will the Longhorn team win that argument? We can't win them all. But clearly we're at one of those inflection points in the industry's history where product teams need to decide whether they will support the new platform or not. In every platform shift, there've been teams who've decided not to make the shift.

Just reading those words is enough to fire me up for today's late-night-to-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning-Foxpro-related work. And the echo will still resonate even longer.

snippet . Rpt Engin

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Ever heard of RptEngin? One of its nifty feature is creating FRXs out of Grids. Here's an additional MSKB article: INFO: Where to Find the Wizard Applications' Source Files. is located inside \Tools\XSource of your Visual Foxpro directory.

info . VFP design patterns

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VFP Design Pattern Catalog holds list of documented Visual Foxpro design patterns.

NF . Fire

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We humans have sent rovers to Mars, invented hypersonic planes, wikis and made jokes out of war.

We have placed a GIANT matter on space to look for hidden worlds and take snapshots of the universe.

We defied gravity, discovered blueberries and water on Mars and claimed responsibility that life on Mars came from Earth.

We invented WinAmp and carved it on our desktop, saw a company that started in a garage become a kingdom and spiced up mobile phones (which I still strongly believe stifled our mental telepathic skills).

We brought to life fantasies that were once confined/but not limited to books, made best use of our idle hands and invented robots that rescue humans (though they have to get this "rescue robot driver�s license" first).

BUT still... we use primitive means to fight fire. In the world of touch screens, fast cars and T1 connections it still takes hours to stop this gift from Prometheus.


Uhrm. Enough of this mumbo-jumbos. There was a fire, a huge one that occured a firewall-away from my 'regular-job' office. It took 27 firetrucks, countless firefighters and four hours to completely eradicate it. I haven't visited that office for two weeks already (I'm on a leave remember?), but I did visit it last night during the fire incident. Good thing the wind and luck favored us. The school was intact but homeless individuals there will be surrounding that place. Sympathies.

Shanara, Compaq and GODofLIGHT were safe though... and the other computers that dwell in that place.


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WinAPI in FoxPro is sometimes frustrating... if not always. I know that it did helped me last week while I'm solving some things. I know that it is challenging (Really it is!). I know that it handles memory more efficiently. What I don't like is the idea that I can't seem to do a thing without a reference or without 'Googling'. Worse I'm slowly being transformed into a copy-and-paste declare-lovin' pink-eyed monster with three fangs.

Is it even possible to be able to know (and memorize) all those parameters without a book?

Converting things from downloadable VB/C/Delphi snippets is not that easy too. Probably it is easier for VB/C/Delphi programmers but we're talking about Foxpro here... we're talking about getting used to a PL with clear, eloquent and straightforward syntax and semantics. I even have to lookup each WinAPI code used inside another WinAPI code, do that lame trial and error approach isolating each variable while calling on the guardians of the seas and skies just to add a shadow on a certain box. So frustrating that I'm beginning to hear Photoshop voices mocking me using the last seven letters of the alphabet.

But I'll get back to charm you, Miss WinAPI. One of these days. It's quite hard tackling you after sleeping at 4AM for almost 12 consecutive days.

On the lighter side of things, Foxpro.catalyst is now available in RSS Feeds with the help of GMM-RS, an add-on for the Greymatter scripts this site is using. Installation is straightforward but if you'll hit a roadblock, just download this file, upload in a directory named XML inside your cgi-bin folder and type the words 'Format C: /u /s' on your DOS window.

NF . dinosaurs

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UHM... so now a bunch of scientists are trying to disprove that meteor theory on dinosaur's extinction. So who will we blame now... Osama? Greedy dinosaurs fighting over a FlipStart?

article . why software quality matters

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These numbers are scary. The approach towards prevention is disappointing. These are just some of the reasons why software quality matters. It is about time programmers and developers exercise their code of honor and allegiance to 'the man'.

newsletter . VFUG March

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Foxpro-warp: Visual Foxpro User Group. While the lay-out of the site is... uhm... 'not that good', it contains a LOT of good (and i mean GOOD) and 'phat' foxpro-related materials inside. So let's concentrate on the content since content is indeed KING. The heck with the lay-out... [",].

Semi-randomness spurt:


Fox_people . dale and FoxTray

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Foxite's Dale Dedoroy, a fellow Filipino FoxPro programmer pointed to me yesterday that in VF8, one does not need the VB6 DLL anymore (I have discussed FoxTray.ocx ealier last week). And I did overlooked the fact that I haven't copied/'Regsvr32-ed' that VB6 dll when I visited a client last Friday. Goodie... now I can re-activate this FlameVB mode.

Do check Dale's articles at Foxite: An alternative to Kodak image edit scrollbarsThumbnails, anyone? (and Part 2) � Tame the string and Teach the Fox hunt pictures better.

Have you considered opening your own fox/work-related blogs too, Dale?

More Foxite articles for you, fox-lovin'-insomniac.

downloads .

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Foxpro download for the day: | If there's an error in the link, just go to, log-in (create an account if you need to... it's worth it if you're serious about learning Visual Foxpro), go to the download section and use the filter feature with any of these settings: DownloadID: 3 or Keyword: Struct.

This class library file written by Christof Lange and Mark Wilden, comes with an informative source code, a good documentation on WinAPI and ActiveX related stuff and sugar pies. The screen resolution changer module included in that download, is what I was studying last night.

NF . random

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I have always been fascinated with random numbers. There's this mysterious and sensual, if i might add, beauty that lies deep inside 'them'. The EncryptionSL() algorithm that I made last week uses a simple random number generation technique.

NF . George Hull VFX

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I know this is supposed to be scribbled in the Pixelcatalyst.Lair news, but I just can't help it: CG Channel interviews George Hull, Senior Visual Effects Art Director of The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. George Hull also was involved with BIG movies such as Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Mission Impossible, special editions of the Star Wars Trilogy, Star Trek Generations, Twister and Forest Gump. Currently, he is the Art Department Creative Director at ESC Entertainment.


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I'm not quite satisfied with my output this day. I did finished some things, I even refrained from going online the whole day to focus on what I�m doing� but still I can�t call this day a productive one. Not in my terms. Adding to this problem, I'm even having this 'too-many-things-to-do-so-little-time' syndrome.

So at 12 midnight I'm opening up the trace window of this day to debug where things have gone wrong. In spite of this feeling of being unproductive I have done a couple of things that are good enough to consider that this was not a waste in terms of development production. Probably the real problem is why am I having this annoying feeling of un-productiveness.

The day started out fine... before I took my lunch I was able to finish the IUMS client part and was able to jump into a different project that involves the upgrade of the SASM module to version 2. I was even playing this newly discovered butterfly-effect-blanket game with my little girl for almost an hour in between coding.

Simon and Garfunkel were even kind enough to play in the background while I was into programming. Soulful songs this time that includes Scarborough Fair, Bridge over Tro-oh-oubled Water and Bright Eyes and not the usual Paul Oakenfold SwordFish trance music, ColdPlay chants, angst-inducing-grinds of Nine Inch Nails nor Enigma's slide-into-the-soul type of sound. But I don�t believe the change of music caused this feeling of un-productivity, neither the lack of internet connection. Nor did it help soothe that feeling of discomfort summer heat brings.

Then I think I'm left with nothing else to blame but the heat. Yes it is summer already in this part of the world and the heat is really depressing. It�s more like:

if lHeat > lTolerableLimit
nWork = (nForce * nDistance) / (nTemperature * 10000000)
lSatisfaction = .F.
nWork = (nForce * nDistance)

I think it is indeed the heat.

If only the fuse connected to the air conditioning unit in this room did not had this feeling that he is somehow involve in that Mission Impossible sequel and do that self-destruct move five months ago, I would not be suffering from this plight. And since there is a 'happy tradition' in this home to wait for a year before things are being attempted to be fixed, it means I would be waiting for seven more months before I can taste freon once again. That is if even the attempt is successful.

Three fans... simultaneously running already (make that five if you�d include the two fans inside the CPU)... still there's this feeling of unquenchable thirst from inside. And it doesn't even involve blood.

ARGH. I'm not making any sense anymore.

article . Give your forms a base

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Give Your Forms a Base by Deborah Kurata. Thought it needs a premium account for you to access the next two pages, the title alone gives you a good idea on how to make your programming approach more effective.

NF . fox and box on .netrocks!

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Box and Fox on .NET Rocks! I've been hooked on this internet audio talk show lately.

website .

Filed Under (SoftDev (non-VFP)) by WildFire on 23-03-2004 | Not necessarily foxpro-intensive, but it has lots of programming tips, articles and resources.