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Why we fight the UFO/ET information war.

Why indeed, when we can just use our PCs to hack the US military, Pentagon or NASA and search their databases for alien related documents..?

Like what Gary McKinnon did.

This setup (image below) should protect those information from hackers... hackers like Gary and my pet Ikia.

Though right now they (Yes 'they' (Inanimate objects have life (No not Gary and Ikia but those PS3s))) are being used to measure 'theoretical gravity waves - ripples in space-time that travel at the speed of light'. (Please don't tell me you need hyperlinks for that.)

(Photo in the left from Gaurav Khanna (via wired.com). Right is another Terai Yuki render... : )


Why bother with aliens when we can have mind readers... from Microsoft.

Start gathering the pitchforks!

Some PXLv701 Tweaks

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Minor tweaks.

VFP Links

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Paul Mrozowski: Optimizing VFP Code.

Stephen J. Bodnar blogs about Southwest Fox. There are more than one entries so I'm linking you directly to Steve's site.

Later... I'm still playing with MY LEGOs... : ]


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Flickr.com \ search: 'LEGO'

Sort: Most Interesting.

Found some very cool mecha/machine/futuristic-related creations from CHUCKC and Soren.

Also... discovered what Darth and yoda are up to these days.

Just in case you're interested... : ]

VFP9 SP2 update

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VFP9 SP2 update which fixes the splash screen.

So I guess that October 11 release wasn't the last .exe after all... : )

I do like that splash screen.

It's unique... has an attitude... and collectible.

Inspiring also, for some reasons I can't point out.


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A list of updates from news2news.com/vfp site. A good source of win32-related functions for VFP.

Quite a number of updates from that site since the last time I visited it... which was... a year ago.

Absurd Customer Service

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Eric Sink: Absurd Customer Service.

Random Buffered VFP Links 2007.1013

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VFP buffered links continued...

I don't like the way this wordpress template is handling bullets (ul/li) so we'll do this in this format.

Craig Bailey: Importing Visual FoxPro Data into SQL Server 2005 Using SQL Integration Services (SSIS).

Tod McKenna: SYS(2017) and Comparing Data / I still have a lot of catching up to do with Tod McKenna's articles/blogs and materials.

Andrew MacNeill: FoxShow 00044 with Rainer Becker. There's also a blog of interest links from that site.

VFP 9.0 SEDNA Components from DBI.

Vassilis Aggelakos: VFP Does MP3 Too!

Paul Tarver: Visual FoxPro and FireBirdSQL

I need to play with some files I have downloaded from this Fox-blog hoppin'. I'll continue the unbuffering later.


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OH... an update from Visual FoxPro's Development Center.

Here's a link to Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 Service Pack 2.0.

Random Buffered VFP Links 2007.1012

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I've been without an rss reader for almost two years.

I stopped using one when the home internet connection was disconnected. That was December of 2005.

Now I'm making up by installing three rss readers... : )

Currently I'm using Stardock's BlogNavigator and testing Awasu (after being recommended by woody).

I'm also revisiting RSSBandit (one of the the first rss reader I've used (... which is now an opensource project)).

(More on RSS Readers later...)

I'm doing catching up and here are some VFP-related links which I have overlooked. Some links/posts are a year old already (yet still useful).

Then again, you can always skip the ones you've read already.

I'll continue this later.

Sun Tzu is a coder

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Sun Tzu: The Art of Projects (Chapter 1 - Planning). From Goran Zidar.

Now if only I could add Goran's feeds on my rss reader.

Which I can't.

BLOGNAVIGATOR version 1.2.2 Build 283 from StarDock (Yes... the creators of WindowsBlinds / Object Desktop and other nifty apps) seems to be having problems with some selected feeds.

Calvin Hsia's feeds included. It reads but takes quite some time to load.

It works well with other feeds though.

I have tried quite a number of desktop-based rss readers before this. And this one has features that an obsessive compulsive pack rat like me wants.

I guess... when it comes to those sites, I just have to do that old bookmark/visit approach.

Foxpert: Accumulating The Slow Parts

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Foxpert: Accumulating The Slow Parts


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Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination. QUID. Designed for intergalactic travellers.



They're preparing us you know. Some of them went soft, I guess... and decided to push this.

Go figure that out.

Full Feed in wordpress

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Enabling WordPress Feeds in 2.00

I haven't tried it yet in seven angles, but it seems to be working fine now.

I'm seeing the light. Literally.

I started working on this around 5AM... now the clock says it's 6:59AM.

All for the love of full feeds in rss readers.

I also tried this plug-in from cavemonkey but my semi-functioning mind cannot make it work.

A character error in the previously imported posts also prolonged the debugging agony.


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Nice site » Hybridworks.jp

Don't forget to check the yoritsuki icons... also from the same site.

I know this is pixelnews material (and I have posted it there already), but I can't help but link it from here.

Besides I need a new blog category aside from 'Visual FoxPro' and the imported archive greymatter files that are posted by default in the General categories (which I still have to sort out (slowly)).

A friend of mine, areman would probably dig that site.

He works on a japanese sla... software company (halts... my desktop computer keeps on crashing everytime I'm linking to areman's site (or probably just the mere mention of his site frightens Parcel, my PC)), eats japanese food seven times on a normal day, and talks the japanese language with matching scribbling of characters in the air to his imaginary friend.

LOG4Fox: A Logging API for Visual FoxPro

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Lisa Slater Nichols: LOG4Fox: A Logging API for Visual FoxPro.