VFP Server

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qs while doing her VFP researches pointed me to this site » VFPSERVER.com.

Now if only we can have an ENGLISH version of that chm file...

VFPStudio Code Editor ScreenCast

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With approximately 100 days in the VFP Studio countdown... Craig Boyd enlightens us with this VFP Studio Code Editor ScreenCast.

Also from SweetPotatoSoftware:
» VFP Application Updating Made Simple
» VFP Uploading/Downloading Made Simple

GDIx / RL / FormEvent Sequences

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FoxPro.warps » VFP: GDIx and ReportListeners / Form Event Sequences


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Foxpro.catalyst will turn four tomorrow. That is of course if I could finish this post before midnight.

After that 'accidental' redesign of the OUTPOST FORUM, I planned to work on some templates for this site.

I was into it when for some weird reason I accepted two rushed five day projects, so I'll be postponing the re-design for awhile.

Four years ago, my first post was a test scribble of course followed by a post linking to FoxProHistory.org.

Thanks for reading... : )


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wOOdy's Visual FoxPro code snippets at MSDN CODE GALLERY. (via Rick Schummer)

Also... let me relink to this » SEDNA at CodePlex.VFPX.

OUTPOST 1047… Released.

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After the crash we're back.

It's a case of me trying to fix some cgi-bin files at the wrong time.

Had I opted to wait longer... things would have been solved faster.

I think my 'wait for the problem to go away' attitude got snagged somewhere last Thursday.

But then again if I opted for the easier path, you wouldn't be seeing this new interface... : )

And since my hands were already dirty, I decided to upgrade some 2 year old cgi/perl scripts.

I've been using some of these scripts for years now and I saw movements from their respective sites after a long time.

I'm talking about YaBB 2.2 (Two years in the making) / BoardMod 2.5.6 (Previous release was dated 06/10/2005) and GreyMatter 1.8.1 scripts (The one I was using for pixelnews prior to the update was still 1.2).

Also... while I was working on the new outpost interface, I found some easier ways to do things in Photoshop CS 3 which usually takes me 15++ minutes to do in the pre-CS version that I have.

(Time spent for cursing not included.)

I'll be sharing those things later... : )


OUTPOST FORUM 1047 released.


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The Evolution of Tech Companies' Logos.


So that is where the 'apple bite' came from.


WE are currently reconfiguring some parts of the OUTPOST FORUM and TheLair's PIXELnews. You might see some weird stuff po(o/p)pin' out while we're doing this.

OUTPOST queries are TEMPORARILY redirected here. We'll redirect to the new forum once the UPDATE/UPGRADE/Tweaks are completed.


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Poser 7 / Adobe CS2 / PaintShop Pro 5.02
Daz3D's Stephanie Petite 3.0 / Irina 2.0

Rendered at 5AM after 9++ hours of coding.

TOP 100 3D Movies

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CGSociety and 3D World released a list of Top 100 Greatest 3D Movies.

Also from the same site is a special feature on three of the top VFX films of 2007.