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I really need a place... at night... where I can code without getting worried about someone tapping me from behind and reminding me that I am singing too loud already.

IT Posters

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IT Posters. Time to deface your pron-infested walls. (Downloadable PDFs included (Not all are free though. (Do check the comments part of that post for more.)))


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Fox links from the Visual FoxPro community.

Doug Hennig: Services as Products (via Akselsoft)

A number of interesting GDIPlusX (images and charts and all) going on at this VFP IMAGING site.


Going back to services and products, when we started doing freelance works around 6++ years ago, we made the services part free for one year. Client only has to pay for the customized product.

Even extended it to a couple more years, since most clients were kind enough to give us new projects (or recommend us to their branches) after the first year.

It worked well... until 2007, when a new wave of client adminstrators went in... new staff without proper turnovers and a lot of outside factors as well.

Now we're spending some time ironing out things.

In this part of the world, the fair option that I see for freelancers like us would be to sell the Product as Product and the 'Services as Product' part will tackle the maintenance part.

Of course it also depends on what side of the fence are you in. Our Open Source lovin' friends mostly would go for Services all the way.

Which works for them.

On our part, we still have a lot of re-planning to do since we have been discovering, as of late, that most human users are like Francium, one of the most unstable elements in this world.

Ok... we're not going into the bloody details of that part.


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Partly... the entities above are responsible for hatching this.

CRAPPY Computin’

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Rebel Science: Half a Century of Crappy Computing.

Stumbled upon that link while browsing the links of the previous post.

Here's one more: Artifical Intelligence From The Bible.