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NF . Solaris monitor

And finally I caved into this technocarnalust of mine.

This involves the 'monitor dilemma' I mentioned earlier on my blog.

You see, yesterday (make that the other day since it is 2 in the morning already) after returning a refurbished 15" Samsung monitor that behaves as if it was dissected by three trigger happy aliens, I happen to bump into the shop's delivery truck that delivered 'fresh goods'.

The golden loot of that afternoon was a crystal crisp 21" Sun flat screen monitor displayed at the center of the shop, which the vendors are eagerly 'marketing'.

But who can blame them... it was so lovely... even lovelier than the ViewSonic E70F flat screen monitor I have on my previous workplace in Davao... and ViewSonic has been on top of my list along with the different models of HP.

It's a refurbished monitor but aside from the one returned, we have purchased around 9 refurbished monitors on that shop already (Samsung, NEC, Toshiba and Sony) and after 7++ months, these monitors are still A-OK. 15" monitor costs around P1,800 (1 dollar is approximately 55 pesos) and 21" sells at around P4,000.

This SUN monitor was being sold at a higher price... 4,500.

And there was I faced between a LackofImmediateNeed and, as Avatar puts it, the ThisOppurtunitySeldomComes data collection battling inside my head.

I was able to convince the head of that shop though to reserve the monitor to me up to 10:30AM the next day (the shop opens around 10AM), until I can decide if I should acquire it.

Back home I did a little research on these Sun monitors.

The 'net showed that these monitors are really manufactured by Sony for Sun. Some even are bundled for Sun's 20,000 dollar computer packages. The new model line of Sun 21" monitors even sells for around P52,000 (850+ euros and 952+ dollars if my memory serves me right).

Other reviews were good and convincing too.

There are also refurbished and second hand monitors being sold online but there's a big difference when it is just around approximately 10 blocks away from your place and you have personally seen it.

The other factors that hinders me to buy the monitor are things I can override and justify but it's the LackofImmediateNeed reason that for a spend-only-when-needed type of guy like me, makes things a little harder to decide.

So I let sleep and dreams process subliminally the data, the 'values' and other factors gathered.

The next day (that was yesterday morning) I found myself in front of the shop 15 minutes before it even opened, fast forward... and I was carrying a heavy load upstairs to our room and I get to enjoy too, the 1600x1200 wallpapers I created the way they should be displayed sans the resizing.

Now here at 2AM in front of this huge thing, that if I think is not suffering from a major jet lag, would probably be happily devouring me especially that there no one else's is looking.

Ah yes... same reason why the room lights are still on.

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