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Maybe I should start removing those category codes on titles...

Today's article: Un-Dynamics of Software Development, or, Don't Bite the Flip Bozo. A little 'warp' but interesting and true. Here's a snip:
The Perfect Software CompanyThere is a perfect software company. It is where I work. The coffee is excellent. The chairs are comfortable, the computers are wicked fast, and we take a lot of video game breaks. The humidor is well-stocked with Cohibas, there is a killer library, and naps are encouraged. The furnishings are handsome, and the décor is pleasant. There are no cubes. The Managers sign checks and buy whatever software, computers, books, gadgets, and video games are desired. Schedules are not set until requirements are defined, software release dates are only announced after the features are done and rock solid. There are no suits. No ties. No cubes, and no timesheets. The work hours are very flexible but long, but I show up because I have more fun there than anywhere else.
Hmm... imagine when hard disks were this huge? Here's an overview of that picture.

As expected Microsoft expands it's quest for innovation. Yes... we do have different thoughts what 'innovation' really is. Now it's crawling into searching, anti-virus (once there was MSAV right), mobile phones, XBox consoles, Tablet PCs and more.

Nice... but how come this move? Is this part of that promise a couple of months ago to fight and stop spam in the future?

Technology Review has something about Holograms, tweezers and teleportation. Now that's news... beam me up, cowboy.

On the pixel-side of things, MIGHTY DEPTHCORE released the Infinity Pack. I don't have any submission in that pack though since I've been busy battling out with Miss TCP/IP this week. But with or without me... the pack rocks.

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