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When paper was discovered... in the future.

Every time I see a new model of a TabletPC, electronic inks and its variations, I remember an old joke again. Of course I know these 'advanced technologies' are not a joke.

Argh. I tried looking in the archives for that joke but after a couple of hours searching, re-filtering and manually scanning things, I can't seem to find it. It seems that I'll be needing WinFS to even locate it, but since that would be released probably a year from now and moving of release dates often occur, let me just recreate it.
Fast forward to the future... a couple of scientists 'out in the field' re-discovers paper. And of course since they've been dependent on paper-less and advanced nano-quantum (or whatever they call it) computer technologies already, they don't have any idea what it is.

Scientist_001: Station-1029 we discovered something.
HQStation-1029: Be careful spaceboy... can you describe it?
Scientist_002: It's light... thin... white... lighter and thinner than those laptops issued by EarthGov-00290 last September.
S001: And it comes with a pen-like thing... let me read... it says 'Pencil' ('pen-like'? I guess pens outlived papers)
HQS-1029: Be careful, these might be advanced mines planted by our galactic enemies.
S001: I don't think so HQ. I haven't seen something like this before. I'm a pessimist by nature but I feel something good on this.
S002: ... and this could be a discovery of the millenniury! (OK... i made up that word)
S001: Wait look! Using this pen-like thing I can write on it!
S002: Where's the CPU? This is so advanced the CPU is i think so thin and invisible to the eye.
S002: Hooo... I can even flush the things I wrote using the other edge of this pen-like thing. I don't have to press DEL and click on OK a number of times.
S001: And I think it has an auto-purge feature. No need clean the trash... unless the trash of this thing is located on a different sector.
HQS-1029: Whoa... bring it once here.
S001: Look... look I can even fold it and it doesn't break. You can't do that with the computers.
S001: ARGH I dropped it. Hey wait... the data is still there. And it seems to be working fine. No damages so far... not even a scratch.
HQS-1029: WHOA! You can't do that on these ultra-computers of mine. One crash and it's goodbye slick baby.
S002: And it can fit the pocket perfectly! And it fits in the other pocket as well. I guess it adjusts to its container automatically. I bet I can even eat this thing!
HQS-1029: Return to base, spaceboys. An unidentified objects are entering the premises of your location. These are probably manned Quasi-borg SPE-OPlanes!
S001: Oh no! They probably have intercepted the communication frequencies.
S002: Something this thing don't have. More reason to return this to base and replicate things... they're probably after this thing!
HQS-1029: We're sending backups... hold on to your sectors.
Transmission interrupted.

OK... I did over-bloat some parts, but it holds the gist of it. If you know where and who the links and authors of the 'original version', please be kind enough to inform me.

Get well soon, Steve Jobs.

All this memory optimization stuff is but a hoax?

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