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SMAG visit - 2004.0806

Visited a client in Guagua, Pampanga today. Fixed a database corruption on one unit. Installed some ILS module updates. Meet W95.spaces.1445 (I've been cataloguing those kinds of meetings and it seems each company I visit cultivates their own 'pets').

cEntity = 'pets'
cSimilarEntity = substr(cEntity, 1, 2) + ReverseString(substr(cEntity, 3, 2))

Introduced OpenOffice.org since they could afford to buy only one licensed copy of Microsoft Office 2003 this school year. Introduced MajorGeeks.com and explained OfficeXP's save as old format capabilities.

Yes... one of the many advantages of 'freelancing' is having more room to educate people... the 'normal users' who need more enlightenment. Something you don't have that much if you're one of those 'in-house-type-of-programmers' here in this country.

Of course I'm not generalizing here. I've known some good in-house programmers who do not only excel in what they're doing, but passionately 'evangelize' technological matters as well.

But recently I've seen too much work-related grumbling from them. Quite sad.

I am also an 'in-house programmer' in my regular job and I tell you there is a big difference.

Freelancers don't have a boss... or at least we don't call them 'boss' we call them 'clients', our time is flexible (or at least we think it is) and we can work in pajamas (not naked... contrary to popular belief, programmers don't work naked).

You, my friend, are always welcome to the other side of the fence.

Later... 12:31AM and I still have to finish one report for tomorrow's MILD.client visit.


Calvin Hsia shares an overview (and even some codes) on how to catalog and share digital pictures using Visual Foxpro, SQL and .NET. Very informative if you'd ask me. Makes you want to say Kenshin's 'There's nothing I can't do with this sword' line.

Replace(LineAbove, 'this sword', 'Foxpro').

Fine-Tune Your Web Site for Windows XP Service Pack 2.

.NET linkwarp: Hyatt.lu

Ada Lovelace started her blogs. Keep it up, Leigh. Can we expect techblogs from Dennis and Exander too?

Gapingvoid.com is an insightful site. I added it in my aggregator a couple of days ago when I read the How to be Creative post. Number 13 is applicable in the field of software development:

Never compare your inside with somebody else's outside.

Netcrucible: Sex and Cash

More Sex and Cash theories... probably I'll post mine in the future.

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