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Thoughts derived from some food-less midnight work breaks...

11:42PM | Regular break from the normal midnight database operations.

My two year old is still watching Dinosaur in the background. Yup very much awake at this time of night... the making of a programmer right?

Dean Michael posted interesting blogs here and here. I'm still finishing some database migration related things for tomorrow's client visit but I'll post some thoughts later.

He also mentioned this site: TopCoder.com

I saw a dollar image in the front page. My interest dropped to sublevel 37.

On the pixel-side of things, I uploaded this Photoshop Shadow Tutorial I made 15 months ago. It is still unreleased from inside the Pixelcatalyst.Lair. Yes... one of those derivations from that 'so-many-cool-things-to-do-so-limited-time' dilemma.

PWA entry fee draws mixed reactions. What do you expect? I have always wanted to blog my thoughts about this since I found out that they're now collecting P2,500 entry fees for that contest... err... awards to prevent 'crappy sites' from entering. Out of respect to some local web designers I've known for years, I'm refraining from posting some thoughts for now.

Let time and output tell if the move was appropriate and effective. I'm not using the words 'good' and 'right'. Elusive words... these are.

In an indirect way, you can compare it to what the Philippine government is pushing these days... the thing about additional taxes. Should we focus more on how making tax collection efficient first before adding more burden to the people?

Should we solve things underneath first before implementing reckless series of patches over it?

Do check the statistics for uncollected revenues for the past 10 years and you'll understand my sentiments, and the majority of the Filipino people's sentiments as well.

Never mind my sentiments, I'm just hungry anyway.

Oh... we're giving up already the idea that we can collect these things efficiently and we'll just add another batch of 'to-collect-things' that highlight the inefficiency and feed Mr. Graft and Miss Corruption?

I'm not raising the white flag for RP's situation though. Not now when I see my two year old watching Dinosaur at this time of the night.

But... I need to resume working.

select 0
if !file('RESOURCES.cdx')
index on alltrim(GoodGovernance) tag CRESGOOD
index on EfficientMeans tag CRESEFFI
index on ATested(Integrity, Passed) tag CRESINTE
index on Stress(DTOS(date())) tag CRESDATE
index on Listen(People(.voice)) tag CRESVOIC
CheckIntegrity('RESOURCES', Strict)
... could be of help.

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