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Lightning operation commando skills

SMAH.client monthly visit... I was on a bus, pony-tailed my now getting longer hair so that I could feel something when I press my nape against the seat. It gives me that I'm-Neo-I-am-the-one feeling plugged into The Matrix.

I was planning this visit to be a 'lightning operation'. Go in-Execute(Mission)-Go out. That kind of visit. I even made 'one click' automations for some updates and some batch files last night. Some database manipulations were done already at home so that I would be merely copying (after doing some backups of course) the files in the target computers.

I sneaked in past the guard and the 'Big Boss' and after around 17 minutes, the mission was completed. Usually by this time I consume my time talking to some staff, having those kind of normal discussions where you learn a lot (their 'routine' activities, gripes and stuff), you observe a lot (like how many fingers they really use when they're typing and how many fingers are 'pretending' to be moving) and formulate some things in my mind based on these learning and observations.

This was not applicable this time. My mind was set for a 'lightning operation'.

In. Execute. Out. Two down... one to go.

On my way out though, I saw the 'Big Boss' closing the lights in her office... preparing to take her lunch. Of course I could do a commando-type sneak with ease, which I learned from playing video games when I was a child, but that would be unprofessional.

Very unprofessional.

At least I have to say 'hi' or something.

That was when my being 'feedable' impaired the 'lightning operation'. Don't even bother searching for what that word means, I made that up.

Wherever I go, people I meet tend to want to 'feed' me, stuff some food in my belly. For Varumvha's sake, I'm not even thin to start with.

So there I was spending the next couple of hours, chomping, reading the February 2004 edition of Windows and .NET Magazine while waiting, fixing some Excel-related corruption problems and the usual learning and observing activities.

I guess I still have a lot to improve in my lightning operation commando-like skills.

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