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Henry Sy and Micro-ISVs

Inspiring. (link via Beakman's blogs)

This article talks about Henry Sy from his daughter's point of view. Henry Sy, for those who don't know him, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs here in our country.

He started from 'humble beginnings'.

Her daughter in this article talks about his father's 14 Principles which he and his family applies in the way they tackle things. These principles are not only applicable in business but also in education, software development and day to day life.

It is also good to note that Henry Sy came from China and went here to the Philippines at age 12 to seek greener pastures.

Something which is quite different these days. Now, most Filipinos are yearning to jump into the next boat of opportunity that drives them outside the bounds of this country.

But not all of us wants to jump in that ship. Some of us share the same views Herdy Yumul points out in this article. (Also a link from Beakman)

Besides, I believe the business of software development is one area our developing country could compete with the other far developed giants.

Speaking of 'business' and 'software development', I found some good links related to Micro-ISVs while reading Wesner Moise's blog that tackles this matter.

He also gave independent and small software marketing related links such as: Shareware-Marketing.net - StartUpJournal.com - StartupSkills.com - SoftwareMarketingResource.com and SharewarePromotions.com.

These sites include RSS feeds so my RSSBandit aggregator adds more pounds... as well as the tendency to be 'info-overloaded'.

I am already subscribed to Eric Sink and Joel Spolsky's feeds which also shells out insightful software-related marketing views.

But then of course, if you're following Microsoft's moves keenly you'll learn a lot of strengths and sometimes weaknesses from their visions, moves and 'workarounds'.

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