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If you're not into a software-related career...

I spent more than half of this Blessed Mother Mary's day (or make that yesterday since it is already 4AM (again)), in bed... sleeping.

Slept up to 12Noon, fired up and tweaked some codes for a couple of hours, took my lunch at 3PM then went off to dream away (Some dream episodes just hunger for sequels). Woke up around 6 in the evening and wondered how come time travels so fast.

I should've went to the office today to work on a freon-filtered room and tinker with Fedora Core 2 in between coding, which I have just finished downloading a couple of days ago.

I have burned the .iso images last night and was able to convince qs to 'lend' me her 'not-so-old' Pentium II 166MHz IBM Aptiva computer.

That computer currently runs on Windows XP SP2 so I don't see any reason it wouldn't run in a Linux-powered OS.

Yup XP SP2 can run in that 166Mhz/64EDO RAM machine. Although the prior Windows XP SP1 runs faster. SP2 tends to slow down almost everything.

Stress on the 'everything' and not the 'almost'.

But then of course, the comparison here does not involve trojan/spyware-infested Windows XP SP1 machines.

Anyway, I was reading Stephen Sawyer's post on why he is pursuing a different career after spending years in software development. It makes you think of a lot of things especially if you're into software development.

EvenMore(DeepThinking++)... if you have slept too much for one day.

If you're not into a software development related career, what do you think you would be doing right now?

What if it needs to be a job that shouldn't be computer-related... what would that be?

Will you survive?

Feel free to transmit your binary thoughts here and let us hear some neuron decibel. (Note: You can post as GUEST... no need to register).

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