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Before i'll continue the Normalization post I have discussed earlier... allow me to post some random humpie-jumpie links first.

I'm making my alter-ego blog for me tonight.

From GEEK to CHEF. At first I thought it was a joke but then April 1 is months away.

One of the founders of Pyra, the company responsible for Blogger which of course has changed many lives online and offline, decided to quit the tech world to become a chef.

Meg Hourihan summarized it in three words: 'Follow your heart'. Mushy but true most of the time.

I was viewing some pictures from FooCamp this morning. It's interesting to see what those minds behind some of the great things IT has to offer are doing. And I remember that every time I see pictures from geek/developer camps, events and conferences you don't often see a human smoking.

Yup you see them doing some silly stuff like arranging mascots in sex-related positions or presenting in stage while naked in a bath tub or jumping around the stage and howling 'developers... developers... developers...' more than 10 times.

Yet... seldom (if not never) do you see a picture of someone smoking a cigar.

Which brings me to my next point... that programmers/developers are indeed logical. (Oh come on don't make me explain that further.)

... and of course programmers/developers are good role models. [- insert BIG GRIN here -]

What Steve Wozniak learned from failure. Trust me... it has nothing to do with porcupines.

Illusion linkin'-time: Here's one from Edward H. Adelson... Checkershadow Illusion. Want more..?

Here's more.

Illusions don't impress you? How about the relevance of a brilliant movie entitled Blade Runner?

Blade Runner was selected a number of times as one of the best sci-fi movies of all time.

Don't fret too much jimmo... Matrix is in that list.

Depthcore, the abstract digital artgroup where I belong, released the Verve Pack. Funky artworks... the next pack will be this 15th of October.

Expect at least an artwork from me in that release.

A different digital abstract artgroup also released their art pack... Affekted's Simplicity Pack.

You see in the 'underground' digital art community we do help each other.

Can we say the same thing in the software development world? Probably yes... if it does not involve individuals from opposing platform camps.

I haven't watched TV for quite some months and I'm not sure if this cool batch of Fido Dido commercials have been released already.

OK... enough humpie-jumpie for now.

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