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3D Cinematics

For the past two days I've been viewing cinematics and trailers that involves a great deal of hardcore visual effects and render power.

It started when Takz (a Filipino friend of mine in Netherlands), gave me that World of Warcraft cinematic trailer. Released last November 05, 2004... this one's different from the previous World of Warcraft teaser cinematic I saw years ago.

(Awrk... as of 1:43AM WorldofWarcraft.com is currently down.)

Blizzard is consistenly pumping these uber cinematics since the third installment of Warcraft.

Starcraft trailers were good during their era but quite far from the quality of Warcraft III cinematics.

I would love to elaborate and paint this blog with words but my supply of coca cola in cans ran out and when that happens I'm usually not in the mood to do things.

I'll give you one observation though, why their cinematics rock.

It's not just the attention to the most intricate details (and damn the attention to details would wipe out both Pixar's Finding Nemo and the Final Fantasy movie out of this world and beyond).

Aside from the technical aspects, Warcraft cinematics are truly moving.

It moves you.

Before I start getting mushy in here let me give you the other 3D clips that were also given to me... a Double A (or is AA) bond paper commercial. That's the 15 second clip, here's a different 30 second clip of the same theme.

Star Wars III: Revenge of The Sith teaser also popped out sometime last weekend.

And then of course there's The Incredibles trailers and one teaser (if you haven't watched the movie yet), Robots (this time from the makers of Ice Age) and Cars (also from Pixar).

I am not quite impressed with the renders Polar Express is showing so no links for now.


Now that you're done buffering those cinematics in your download queue... I'd like you to meet Jenny.

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