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Nose hair as Data Storage

During our client visit yesterday (just hours ago really since it is still 1:11AM and I'm still up), I asked qs to setup and configure the computers inside the internet laboratory while I was finalizing some database integrity checking.

Yup... these days she's not only involved in database discussions, data flow concepts and usability testing, she's also doing hands on configurations.

She was even able to override that hide START.RUN feature I included in the IUMS program.

Plus she showed me where MSCONFIG was hidden. For years I was thinking this was an 'internal command'. I didn't even bothered looking it up.

But anyway, while she was doing this cleaning of the startup garbage entries through MSCONFIG, running the Novell client application and entering the dummy username and password I created to test the program... she found herself attempting to copy and paste some values from PC-001 thinking she could paste it on PC-002.

Weird and funny really, but this occur to me once in a while. And probably you too have been in this kind of situation.

Which makes me think, what if we can really copy and paste things to a memory within our bodies, let's say the hair on your fingers or your nose, which can easily be retrieved (and pasted) with a short cut key interfaced with a computer.

It could even be used for storage of passwords and stuff.

Yeah I know, you'd point me to those fingerprint/voice/iris-powered technologies. But I'm talking here about the little amount of data which you can store within your body parts and not using your body parts as a the key.

Some of you would probably lecture me of how the brain should be used... but hey if Microsoft was awarded a patent which involves the usage of body as a source of power (power conduit and data bus to be precise and that was more than two months ago), why not use other parts of the body aside from the brain for little harmless amounts of data storage?

But then again... probably I just need some rest.

Spiderman, anyone?

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