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Intimacy with the Inanimate

Just random stuff before I'll dive once more into some codin' in the middle of the night.

Inanimate objects talk. The problem is you just don't listen. Try listening. Trust me you'll hear things with more sense and sometimes which are even more profound than the usual bullshit you hear in radios and TVs.

During client visits to companies and if you're like me who suck terribly at memorizing names (I do remember faces well (I can even identify a person's offspring without prior knowledge)), do check the organizational charts. Even if this organizational charts don't have pictures on it, you can still figure out things.

Trust me it works with me all the time.

This is what I learn from watching Robert Redford spy-flicks. Ah yes... ALIAS and 24 too.

Whoever said 'databanking' is easy hasn't tried it yet. Or if he/she has tried it once, does it like the way newbie-comsci-student-I'll-do-this-for-the-sake-of-passing-something type of programmer.

Of course 'databanking' values/fields in tables A B C D and E are easy. But try organizing them in such a way that they will not fsck things up when we add tables F and G a year from now. And there's more. If you merely replace the value A.field when a new data for A.field is encoded then you're missing a lot. There should be a history of these changes, a log of who changes it and all.

I'm not even mentioning the challenging parts yet.

I'm currently mentoring qs in learning VisualFoxpro (we had our first heated argument on database structure and normalization yesterday). So far she's done with QUE's Using Visual Foxpro first chapter. Gave her an overview of OOP and have let her tinker with the Visual Foxpro environment as well.

So far so good. Probably she'll include this learning experience in her blog one of these days.

It made me smile when she told me she's nervous. I can't remember the last time I had that 'nervous-y' feeling though I know I had some when I was coding during college days.

Ah well... Nervous.code != Angst(Coding) right?

I got nervous though when I was presenting the ILS and GITS program last week. Darn. I really was. Most of my clients are referrals and last week was one of those outside that referral linkage.

Which makes me wonder... do seasoned professional marketeers get nervous too during their new potential client presentations?

There's a difference though when the marketing staff is presenting things and the person who is actually making the program/product. The other outweighs the other in some aspects and vice versa.

Now if only I can fuse the best of both worlds.

Though I strongly believe creating a good++ product is the best way to sell things.

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