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Pixelcatalyst.Lair Blues

I was hoping I could wait from for something to be resolved first before I'll talk about it but since I've been receiving inquiries here and there for the past few hours, I think it would be better to post some information here and just C/P the url instead of re-typing and saying things again and again.

Plastiqueweb Networks DNS (or whatever you call it) is being transferred.

Niko (aka Phoenix), our friend who provides free hosting services for some digital artists (for almost five years already), has been trying to reach the 'domain machine' since last month with no replies. Domain name reached it's expiration deadline. Domain shows an expired message while we're transferring stuff. And my Bamm-wham-blam-blam counter is incremented.

Like any tech-love stories in this world, things like this happen.

No worries though. The Pixelcatalyst.Lair site has been through bamm-wham-go-down situations a number of times already even before Plastiqueweb Networks cradled us into their digital fortress.

If you're looking for the artworks, you can still view most of them inside Portfolio 2004 of this site, in my DeviantArt account or inside DepthCore (the digital abstract art group I'm currently affiliated with).

(Speaking of DepthCore, watch out for the next release. I have already submitted one artwork in it. It is the first individual artwork since releasing Quendoline Dreams October 16th of last year. Although LOS 2004 was released last March, it was a tweak of an old LOS 2002 artwork. There were quite a string of collaborations but the artwork I'll be releasing this 15th of October is the first individual thing I made for quite some time.)

Email-wise I'm also deactivated because I use Plastiqueweb's email service as my primary account. You can reach me using the following e-mail:
Richard.Base [at] GMail [dot] com
pixel_catalyst [at] yahoo [dot] com
WildFire [at] NTSL119 [dot] com

Looking at the bright side of things, I haven't received a single spam for the past 24 hours.

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