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RandomShots.Init + Canon PowerShot A95

The 'internet' is such a good source of resource and information and an ever seductive vortex of distraction. And sometimes even the resources can pull you away from the things you're supposed to be doing. (Now I'm reminded once again of that near 5-digit unread feeds in my RSSBandit)

This was the reason I decided to cut the home internet connection.

To focus.

But going offline for quite some months is not new to me. Those who knew me even before, know I do this regularly.

It's a sort of test how long my nose hairs would grow and how many imaginary 'pets' would appear if the 'net connection is taken away from me for weeks and sometimes even months.

(Hah. I know a lot of humans who have added the 'net connection to the basic needs of life (It is even added as the fourth need... right after Food, clothing, in between shelter and sex (for some it is even before the clothing need (and yes... sex is a basic need)))).

That loss of internet home connection... add the deadlines that are pounding me and that 'how-come-this-bugs+request-for-feature-never-ends' dilemma plus a couple more factors lead to a lot of 'bloggable events' and stuff that I would so like to share, yet always being pushed down in the waiting queue state of things.

I'll try to catch up before this blog site turns one year old (which is within this week).

One of these buffered things is the acquisition of a Canon PowerShot A95 digital camera before 2004 ended. I've been surfing a lot of sites online and reading DPreview.com for the past few months before the purchase. And since then, this digital camera has been in my bag wherever I go.

Of course the main purpose was for the baby growing up captures. But I can only take shots for so long before my little ones start to give me those mischievous looks, start ramming their heads at me and hurling objects of mass destruction towards in my direction.

So far so good. The camera's 'performance' and the quality of the pictures it barfs out are very good.


The Canon IXUS/Elph is also a good choice but since I have purchased a 128MB CompactFlash card, a card reader and some rechargeable AA batteries weeks prior to the digital camera purchase, the A95 was the better choice for me.

Expect some random shots in this blog from now on.

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