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TechLove for Humanity

I was reading Beakman's blog about, dare I say it in this 'tech' blog... 'love life'.

Ugh. Awrk. Brewk.

Ok... let's just use the term 'life'. Using the word 'love' inside this blog just won't work. Well at least not this time.

But I will connect this post later with Foxpro and software development in general. Trust me.

Reading Beakman's post reminds me of my last day of teaching. That was what, almost three years ago. That was when I decided to give up the full time coding work + part time teaching (aka torturing) comsci students to find a new work area near qsez place.

To be with the family (Powee, our second child was also about to pop out that year) instead of spending a great portion of my salary on roundtrip plane tickets once a month and having to explain to our HR head why I always extend my vacation to twice its allowed time.

Now back to that last day lecture, I do remember getting into a logic-less life-related discussion. I remember giving them advice, only one piece of advise... which I told them they should always remember since during that time I thought they would only hear it from me (believing as I did that no other teacher would dare utter it).

... and that advice was to put 'love life' first before education.

By the time I finished that line... they were laughing. And I was laughing with them while giving them concrete laughable examples of what happened to people who prioritized education over 'love'.

But still, in the end... I told them I was serious. Well, at least I believed I was serious.

I told them to look around them, and in doing so they'll see tons of career/goal driven individuals,with tons of money ready for disposal living an unsatisfying life burdened by broken, dysfunctional human bonds and all.

But the real point is... people who are really happy with their lives are not the ones who have achieved so much, garnered so many awards, and all and whatever thing that can be 3D-ed and 2D-ed and broken down into two-bit CMYK-powered JPEGs.

Humans who are the happiest are those humans who, place at the top of their priorities another human being or any human life related matter aside from everything the world has to offer.

(JC and PJPII and Bono of U2 are good examples.)

It's not the kind of false love which conceals beneath the folds of its masquerade selfishness and insecurity, but rather love for humanity as a whole, whatever that 'love for humanity' means to you.

The main reason why I create database programs for clients is not merely for the money. It is for the human user.

To make easier his/her life, make him/her spend more time preparing for bed with his/her loved one instead of spending the nights working on some transactions which I can short circuit in just one click.

Indirectly, the database work is for the kids, which as qsez mom would call it, 'securing their future'.

Well... of course I'd like to bring home one of those Asus laptops and all... but then again... it's for me (human) and not for the Asus (though that Asus laptop would be really lucky to have me (or at least be beside me.))

Please don't think I'm giving advise in here... it's just 7AM. The shower is still too cold for me and I'm still too sleepy to tinker with Foxpro's command window.

In my case, Mark... Beakman... the best thing I did was to teach qs how to code... and how to code in Visual Foxpro (even if she's now acting weird sometimes, talking to herself once in a while and blurting out normalization-related stuff in the middle of my meditation time).

But still, I think that was one of the best moves i've made since moving here.

In your case, Mark... only you can tell.

Logic, though I profess it passionately and endlessly, online and offline, with the humans I interact with (qs not being an exemption)... is often not enough.

... especially... especially... especially... when you, my friend, are dealing with human beings known as 'women'.

And please, that last line is not a chauvinistic remark. That's just reality.

Deal with it.

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