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I've been wanting to blog about this for months already but I kept on pushing it back to my tasks-in-line list. First I thought I would scribble it last November when my earthly age was incremented by one but I decided not to.

Then last December to serve as a 'year ender' but still it didn't push through.

January to spark plug the year... but still, I held back thinking I'll blog it instead in February when the site turns one.

March... and now it's April (mid-April to be precise (and i've even reached the last week of April before I can actually post it online)) and I think it's about time.

This workblogs/site serves a lot of purposes... one of them is as a digital bookmark of the things I have done and achieved. In the future I am hoping I could look back and read some things I have done in the past.

(And honestly, there are posts where I don't really give a modem's arse if someone is reading or not reading.

(This one belongs to the not part... :o)

At first, I planned on posting details of each project I have handled since November of 2002, months after I transferred here to Metro Manila... but then again that would be lengthy so I'll just give a list.

In a nutshell, these are the database projects I have created/handled and have been currently maintaining for the past 29 months:
  • Integrated Guidance Office System - FL001-01, FL001-02
    • Student Cumulative Records
    • Aptitude Test 001
    • Aptitude Test 001 Upgrade
  • HRA (Databank System for a certain congregation) - FL006, FL007, FL008 and FL009)
  • Integrated Media Center System - FL001, FL002, FL003, FL004 and FL005
    • Library System (Books/Cataloguing/Borrow/Returning etc...)
    • Audio Visual Room Systems (Inventory/Cataloguing)
    • SASM (Student books information searching system)
    • Library Attendance Recording System
    • Internet Usage Monitoring System
    • Control Panel
    • Serials Manager
  • HRAEI (201/Human Resource Employee Information) - FL006, FL001, FL010 and RJ001
  • Project Sopheia (Internet Cafe System) - FL011
  • Automated Dormitory Databank System - FL011
  • Kids' Workshop Monitoring System - FL012
  • SJH Databank System (Patients/Medical Databank System) - FL013
  • HRA (Ministries Build) - FL014
  • FDDF Databank System - FL015
  • Enrollment/Registrar Transaction System (RJ001)
  • Miscellaneous Registrar Transactions (RJ001)
  • Cashiering System (RJ001)
  • Financial Records (RJ001)
  • Grading System (RJ001)
  • Project SRL (Student records locator) (RJ001)
  • EIPS/Payroll System (RJ001)
  • PC Inventory System (RJ001)
  • Project Random/AI experiment (Personal Project)

  • Snippets Collector (Personal Project)
  • PC Transaction Logging System (RJ001)
  • Database Utilities (Database development/maintenance tool)
'FL' stands for a freelance project/client and 'RJ' stands for the 'Regular Job'. The ('regular job') company I am connected with does not mind the freelance things I do as long as I complete the tasks I am assigned to deal with.

The personal database projects are things that I do which serve as exercises (usually during morning or when I'm not in the mood) so that I can get into the coding zone.

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