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IKIA, lightsabers and software version UPGRADES

Do you remember IKIA..?

Yesterday he was playing with his lightsaber version 08.00.0000.2521 when Prometheus came to our lair.

(Yes this is the same Prometheus who stole fire and gave it away. These days he's into selling lightsabers, cheering 'Use-the-force-use-the-force!' in almost everything he sees, tinkering with online sharing technologies, and studying quantum physics and nanotechnology at the same time.)

(Well... he also is one of those humans who clicks annoying banners and reads spam devotedly.)

Anyway back to IKIA, he received this lightsaber version 09.00.0000.2412 from Prometheus. LS V8.00 was a great product to start with. It can zap an entire ant colony and transport them to a parallel dimension before you can even hear the second 'a' in 'Aaah!'. It can slice walls, slice cars and even cakes but not humans (a safety feature of course).

And it can slice things fast. True to its years of tradition in terms of speed and reliability. Plus it is backward compatible so you can add the accessories you have added to your previous versions of lightsabers.

(It can even interact and operate with open source powered light sabers before the entities in Olympus started freaking out, gathering their colony of lawyers (Yes, even in Olympus, lawyers do exist.), and started releasing EULAs, wizard threats and dangerous magic potions. (But again that would be another story for now.))

IKIA can do almost any practical thing with his current lightsaber (or even the previous ones). The most important tasks, that is.

But when IKIA was holding LS V9.00 and Prometheus told him about a box that contains the future of the LS product, he got excited. He chanted and danced and hugged my pet tiger.

This was a complete turnaround though when he opened the box and saw the words 'SEDNA' instead of version 10. That's when he started whining and whining 'Oh-no-there's-no-more-version-10-this-is-the-end-of-it-all!' and started screaming, running around and bolting doors.

In a way this comes surprising since LS V9.00 has just been released. It is a great product. A very good one indeed. Most of the important tasks can be addressed with LS V8.00 to start with.

IKIA, a great programmer/developer hasn't used, abused and extended the capabilities of the current product, yet he's asking for more. He hasn't even developed an application yet with this product.

Partly surprising that he's yelling that Prometheus does not support the technology and is neglecting it, when in fact it has been releasing great features for almost 10 years (and even beyond) despite the rumors about the end of this product.

I want to go on and on but this is the part where I'll realize I have to finish up something code-related, and place a sort of 'I-will-continue-this-later' variation and click the post button.

(Another one added to this endlessly-buffered-still-uncontinued blogs of mine. (But then again I know you get my drift already))

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