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Restart now... or restart later.

Restart now... restart later.

The existence of these two buttons have been talked about in countless blogs online.

Mostly rants.

Some of them even strongly believe that a good OS should not require a restart everytime an update has been done, or a new software has been installed.

(I disagree though. That's why new OSes/applications require higher and faster specs... so you can reboot faster.)

Personally I don't have anything against these two command buttons. The problem lies when they appear too often. There's no problem seeing them once after a certain installation, but having them pop up every five minutes or so is a different story.

An entirely different story.

Why not add that checkbox that says 'Do not notify me again for five Earth years.'?

I don't have problems when I'm encoding documents or spreadsheets... no problems even if it interrupts my comic babes surfin'... or when I'm coding.

I can't imagine a programmer's world with no interruptions, no phone rings, no distracting sounds, cubicles near your playing love songs or any form of interruptions.

That's a boring world. It will lead to a robotic atmosphere creating bug-less softwares. (Bug-less?! The software industry would probably mature at the age of 2 and end at the age of 5 (Bugs are what keep us alive.))

Restart now. Restart later.

It is when I am fighting swarms of alien invasions, kicking some chimeran-ceramic-coated alien butts about to initialize some wormhole coordinates and jumpgate sequences in an undisclosed sector, that I don't need those two buttons interrupting my quest to save the world.

It's my human arse that gets kicked every time I pause just to click 'Restart later.'

And these are intelligent lifeforms we are dealing with here. After a couple of interruptions, they can calculate already the amount of time in between pauses and initiate their attack process in that window.

So please, for the good of humanity... drop the timer or include that 'Do not notify me again in five Earth years' checkbox.


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