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Just as I was about to penetrate the coding zone after having a hell of a time freeing myself from the huge holiday hang-over, TheForce tends to display its mastery of randomly triggered events that somehow barfs me again out of the coding zone.

Now the holiday-hang-over-excuse realm won't accept me anymore and I'm stuck in between this I-have-to-code-and-work-but-I'm-not-in-the-zone and the i'm-on-extended-vacation-i-can-justify-this-laziness sphere.

Good thing I can blog.

Anyway for the past few days, I've been receiving quite a number of client calls already, e-mails and sms-es, some of which even serve as my wake up calls (literally). It seems our clients are revving up faster than me.

One of the differences between the corporate and the freelance kingdom perhaps.

But inspite of these thing we were able to install one of our database systems (made in VFP9 this time (most current versions of our systems are done in VFP8)) to a new client, some details of which are the main reasons why I'm scribbling this while waiting for qs to finish using the bathroom (her bathroom usage tends to increase folds every year (and we're not even going to include the dressing up part)).

Now back to the client I was talking about.

Our proposal to them was submitted last October of 2004, got approved last December 2005, and a couple of days ago we installed the first system, the Human Resource modules. We need to further customize our exising Payroll System to cater to their needs and interface it with a bio-thumbrint TimeKeeping/DTR system, which will be installed by another IT company.

The HR part is installed in four companies already (mostly schools and universities) so it is quite 'mature' already and needs no further customization. The Payroll System on the other hand is installed in one company, so I'm giving qs the responsibility of 'stabilizing' it.

Remind me not to create a title for a certain blog before scribbling it. My title's supposed to be located seven degrees north and I'm heading the south in this blog. I will end this here and start a different blog on Visual FoxPro and the Developing Countries after this.

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