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workLOGS . IUMS Sophieai

I'm pushing my Internet Usage Monitoring System (IUMS) project into another level. I'm even giving it a codename. What used to be a simple stand-alone logger that tracks the usage and payments of students who use the internet cafe/laboratory in a certain school, will be upgraded to something that 'partially' follows the client/server principle. There will be a server application that tracks all the laboratory computers connected to the 'net. This is where users are added, logged out, monitored, chopped and castrated. This is more or less 90% complete already but i still have to re-research the GRID part so that it would show different attributes (.forecolor/.backcolor/.fontstyle/.fontbold) for different user status (blue for active, red for timed-out, black for logged-out... something like that) at a given time. I've read somewhere that you can do it on individual columns but i still have to recheck if it can be done with individual rows.

Logic will find a way.

The client part is the tricky part. Sometimes i wish this was the old DOS days where you can invoke TSRs and don't mind much if the user hits Alt-Ctrl-Delete, presses Alt-Tab or calls on the gods of destruction, just to show the tasks running in the memory. We'll just hope that Miss BSOD would prefer to be at home in her couch watching smurf reruns.

Probably i'll be using that FoxTray tool, which i still have to tinker further and modify if needed.

A modal message form that asks for random generated ACCESS NUMBER and PASSWORD will suppose to halt the user in case his one hour limit expires. The ACCESS NUMBER and the Encrypted(PASSWORD) will be stored on a database, automatically generated after an hour of usage... along with a STATUS field (Password Used/Active/Etc). I'm still thinking if the student's ID NUMBER will be needed. Of course a time warning would probably be included just ten minutes before that one hour limit expires.

In my newsprint, which serves as a plotting device for various program conceptualization and planning, I have already formulated the RANDOM GENERATOR and ENCRYPTION algorithms... along with a TASK-TO-DO list for the month of March, which judging from that long list... would be quite a busy month for me.

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