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This morning when I received an sms message telling me that the computers running Project:Valhalla shutdown as expected. The half of the neuron population on this brain of mine, which was already assigned to that project (Yup it's taking that amount of space and energy already), leapt in joy. In fact it was leaping for almost five minutes that at the end of that period, I could feel some bouncing motion in my head. And for another hour, my head was nodding involuntarily as if I'm listening to a certain rock band's beat.

So off I went to another client, having that sense of peace which was missing for almost a week because of those 'outside factors'-induced problems plaguing Valhalla.

When I returned home, the Valhalla.client showed me this error:

Terminating thread due to a stack overflow problem. A VxD, possibly recently installed, has consumed too much stack space. Increase the setting of 'MinSPs' in the SYSTEM.INI or remove recently installed VxDs.

For a second or two the neuron population went nuts. Grinding sounds were heard on my head. When will all these problems end? BUGS seem to be coming and coming and I am slowly being drained.

I was slowly isolating the factors in my head, calculating the possible cause of the problem. All of them seem to point to that Shutdown WinAPI. Then I realized... I was online and there is such thing known as GOOGLE.

So I entered the error as a query and I got this result from Symantec's support site.

You see... the culprit was Norton Antivirus 2001, but since the last thing that was done on that place was the installation of a new system from me, all computer-related problems are being blamed on Valhalla. Probably if an asteroid hits the ocean they would blame Valhalla too. What's next, Valhalla as the cause of offshore related problems?

But this is just part of the thing they call as 'work hazards'... or whatever. Besides as the saying goes... 'Smooth seas do not produce skillful sailors.'

Or if we'll do it the Master Yoda way:
Skillful sailors
Smooth seas
Produce not.

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