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THOUGHTS . what makes you... you?

On our way home after a client visit this day, I was too tired from two weeks of almost virtually having no sleep creating Project Sopheia, that I was able to sleep in the bus. In the middle of the travel, I have this realistic dream that I was passing this part of the road where we usually pass on our way home. We’ve been passing that part for almost a year now and I was not quite surprised that the image projected in my dreams was so realistic and not the usual fuzzy, distorted and dragon-filled weird type of dream.

I woke up just minutes before reaching that part and ironically, the bus driver decided to use a different route… for reasons unknown to me… for the first time. I wasn’t even aware this alternate route exists until that moment.

It didn’t bother me that much, we’re at home now and as usual I’m still in front of the computer at two in the morning. I was even about to sleep when I realized what if I was not dreaming? What if there’s this certain portal that took a part of me (or worse the whole part of me) and it was a parallel world journey that was manifested in that dream.

What if dreams are a sort of ‘bug’ in that system of body snatching, swapping and bouncing beyond parallel dimensions. What if it is this very bug that causes dreams? What makes me sure that this is really me? That I am really what I am. Besides, what makes you so sure that you are really you?

What if some species in time are able to grab memory already, compress, decompress and store it on a different body. How will that body recognize? What if all this soul searching, journeying inwards is caused by this swapping of entities or whatever you call the human body and soul? You tend to look for the ‘original’ you... beyond time, beyond space. That’s the whole quest of out lives… forever looking for that part of us, that very self that was snatched while we are abducted from one dimension to another.

How will I know? How will you know?

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