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THOUGHTS . OpenSource

I'm spending the past two days catching up with my sleeping quota that I've been missing for the past three weeks. I'm even having weird dreams as of late. One of those include a GIANT jigsaw puzzle that forms like dark clouds in the sky. Uber-surreal if you'd ask me.

This day I woke up at around 1:30PM already and the first thing I did was to log online and check my RSS Reader.

The first feed I check was from migs, a fellow Filipino who's into Java and OpenSource. I'm also looking for more Filipino techbloggers with RSS feeds... and so far I only have two on my list. The other one is not updating that much these days and I'm still in this quest of convincing other Filipinos who are into IT to post some tech-related blogs online. (And that includes Avatar!)

Anyway, back to migs' post, he posted a link to an April 04 article at INQ7.net about Mr. NameDeleted()'s views that Open source has 'no future' in our country. It was quite opposite to what my former student, Beakman pointed to me yesterday which was an article about IBM backing Filipino software startup against Microsoft. Ironic that they are even posted on the same news site apart by just approximately 27 hours. (I'm too lazy this day to run my CalcTime algorithm)

I don't have any ideas on what side of the bed Mr. NameDeleted() woke up that day but labeling something as having 'no future' is something I would least expect from a 'software expert'... especially if one is referring to a thing fueled with worldwide visions, collaboration and passion. One's future is never equated with financial matters. Yes, we can see innovative companies closing and evaporating... but the works, inspiration and the legacy they bring will always continue.

OpenSource _HAS_ a future in this country. In fact its potential is even greater. OpenSource advocates and evangelists just have to start/re-start somewhere.

One good place to start is with the students... the computer science/IT-related students hold the future. Introduce OpenSource to them, introduce the passion for OpenSource, the advantages of OpenSource, the cooperation and participation it needs without including that inherent hate for MS products that most humans that are into OpenSource possess.

Philippines is a fertile ground for OpenSource and the principles underlying it. The problem lies though on some of the attitude Filipinos have. Attitudes such as disunity, mistrust and that famous 'aho-aho/ija-ija' attitude... include lack of passion... lack of drive and laziness. I'm not generalizing here... but I see this kind of attitude everyday. Of course there are persons with passion... with drive that they become BIG and successful. But then they start calling others as having 'no future', discouraging them instead of inspiring them.

Then there's this crab mentality too.

But these things I believe can never hinder OpenSource. Not in this country. Not in this time.

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