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NF . Norton commander

Ah yes... I remember why it took me three years before I installed a copy of WindowsXP on one of my machines. Well aside from what Steve Gibson of GRC.com wrote three years ago (which was also connected to that strange tale of the denial of service on his site), I cannot make Norton Commander for Windows run on WindowsXP Professional. And I can't live without NC since my college days. I was even using it to cloak certain batch files that annoyingly send and bounce messages in the network.

Norton Commander is the ultimate organizer, file manager and everything else combined. I can even fry eggs on it. Windows Explorer no matter how it is skinned will still be far behind what Norton Commander's ease can give. NC even hums a sweet lullaby if you fall asleep while it's transferring your files.

If only the CDR that holds the NC101 for Windows 95 installer was not damaged, I probably have installed WindowsXP years ago. That serves a lesson to me and a reminder to you too not to use cheap CDRs if you're serious about archiving your installers and porn collection.

Manually REGSVR32-ing the MFCO30.dll hasn't solved the problem. Nor the tribal rain dance that I usually do. I'll probably look for a copy of that DLL that works well with WindowsXP and NC101.

Anyway I was able to find some alternatives. Among the list of commanders, WinNC looks promising even if their website does not work well with FireFox.

Cool... I even stumbled up this Ten Commandments of the OFM Religion. OFM stands for Orthodox File Managers or another way of calling Norton Commander derivatives. I never knew that 'commanders' are this phenomenal.

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