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workBLOGS . smasn and FX

One of the ways I measure how busy I was for the past few days is by the number of unread rss feeds this reader of mine is getting. And with 128 feeds to monitor the pile is indeed that huge sometimes. Good thing I'm already over with that 'I-have-to-read-them-all' syndrome and with this rss reader, I can set them to remain there forever organized on folders so I can just return and scan things if time permits. That's a big IF these days but hopefully hopefully hopefully... in the future, I'll find some time.

It has been a really busy two weeks (nCount('busy', line) = nCount('busy', line) + 1), spanning to four visits on three different clients. The latest was yesterday (since it's already 2AM... again) where I have to install the Integrated Library System I'm working on for the past eight months to its third client. The school and the ambience of the place was nice which reminds me of my high school campus back in Davao, but it is the travel that was a little hard compared to the other client visits.

We have to wait for almost two hours for the FX Taxi to fill up before it decided to move its arse. That was quite a long two hours spent hoping that the humans passing that part of the place would have a same destination as mine or some family of ten would show up which would automatically fill that FX. It even come to a point where I was exercising mind control on some humans hoping I could make them ride the FX and fill the vehicle up so we can start moving. And another point where I was hoping Godzilla would appear out of nowhere.

Sometimes I wonder how some humans can tolerate systems that makes you wait doing nothing except exercise mind control and call on the gods of thunder and speed. How I wish in the future there will be a networked system that can make you monitor the departure and arrival of these vehicles even if you're at home so you can choose to watch a lame show in TV instead of doing nothing. For now the only thing I can do in line with that is to store in my photo-mem the frequency they use in their radio communication systems.

The travel back home was even harder, especially for qs who always come with me during client visits. Unlike me who can ride virtually any vehicle available in this country, qs can't ride some of them without having to protect her contact lens, her pearly white skin, her hair, her pair of levi's, shoes... to a name a few. These are the days we wished the old driver was still here and could accompany us on our client visits just like he used to.

Tomorrow's client visit was re-scheduled which means I can have more time to relax and do some blogs.

... and exercise this dormant mind control powers of mine hoping it would work the next time around.

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