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THOUGHTS . Bill Gates and bloggin'

Even Bill Gates 'indirectly' supports blogging. Are we expecting an MS-powered blogging tool in the near future?

Finally, Avatar is starting his tech/work/life blogs. Once he finalizes everything I'll post a link to it for you all to see why this was the first person I tried convincing to start a blog of his own.

There are a few others in this 'make-them-blog' list of mine and probably stating their full names in here could push them even more. Besides Google can make these names pop into their search results.

First would be Nepthaly Talavera, a college classmate of mine who is now the Dean of the Computer Science department of the university I worked before. I expect to hear some education/institution related views from him for I believe this country has to concentrate more on the blooming (in size but not in brain-optimization) computer science student population. So dude, turn off that Anime-infested TV of yours and start doing the 'dirt-ier binary-related things'.

Second would be Ceazar Ryan Sealana who's 'leet-coding-skill-style' and love for mischief far exceeds my Foxpro-powered skills and love for a peaceful digital life.

Third would be Hazel Juanico whose expertise involves SQL, VisualBasic and Javascripts and punk/grunge rock. I have known Hazel since the old elementary days up until we finished that back-breakin'-neuron-abusive Computer Science degree.

Fourth in the list would be Mark Anthony Panizales, a former student of mine who was also a founding member of that wormz team we organized years ago. This is one dude who really understands what real programming/software development is, has a great vision and persistence to back it up. If he says it, he'll do it.

There are a lot of blogging-related tools in the 'net. I use the GreyMatter scripts but there's Blogger.com which was acquired by Google (Yep that's how serious blogging is these days) and has recently upgraded.

Hosting-wise there's Marvinsweb.net that offers as low as P34.50 a month web-hosting services.

Let's all change the IT-related-aspects of our country through blogging.

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