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THOUGHTS . block-outs and direction

Since that day of the elections, which was 15 days ago, block outs occur almost regularly. It maybe caused by two things. One is storm (and/or weather related factors), the other is election-related 'magic tricks'. 'Magic tricks' that are too advanced that creating a computer algorithm for it is two eras away from it.

This was unlike the previous block-outs which lasts only for five to fifteen minutes, not that long unless it's in the middle of the night and out of silence, your little kid wakes up and howls non-stop. I tell you 10 seconds of child howls and cries is that powerful that even the US military scientists are planning to include this in their 'artillery of the future'.

Back to the block out, since it was longer and we don't have any generators here, and even if one exists, I don't think I can code with that grinding sound even a few floors away from me, I decided to stay at the roof top sitting in the bench under the one-o'clock afternoon sun.

And I remembered the last time I was on a bench under the heat of the sun... that was 10 years ago perhaps when I was still in high school. Those days when, we, with our friends do nothing but park our butts in that bench, play basketball afterwards, talk about mindless things that I can't even remember after an hour, punch and kick one another, play basketball again and play basketball again three blocks away.

Almost half of the time we emerge winners of the game. The other half we test if we are faster than a stone hurled towards us while the others test sines, cosines and projectiles, if we choose not to pay the bets. All of the time though, we are lucky to be alive to tell the tale. Sometimes even brave enough to return to that place where they are already posting in chalks the amount of debts we have to pay.

Ah... life was simple then. I don't have to worry about SQLs, DBFs and corrupted CDX files. There were no compile errors. No brain-damaging API calls, no network-locking problems and such... only adventures, mischief and pure fun.

Memories like these make you question your direction in life. Why do I have to do this? Why do I have to do that? Why do I have to stay and work up to the wee hours of the morning? What for..? Why..? Why can't I just bark and park my arse and play ball all day?

Of course I have answers to these questions but sometimes I often think if these answers are really that valid. And even if they are, another array of questions always emerge.

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