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THOUGHTS . Hackin'

When I started going online years ago, one of my favorite site was HackerNews.com which after some years became SNN1.com which was also a part of AtStake.com Inc., a security-related company.

I remembered this when Leo Laporte included a link in his blogs pointing to the Fifth HOPE Conference which is sponsored by 2600.com. HOPE, which stands for Hackers of Planet Earth, has an interesting line up of speakers this year... Emmanuel Goldstein (the man behind 2600.com), Kevin Mitnick (well if you don't know this man you have to be living underground for the past decade), Weld Pond (the man who replaced the first writer behind HackerNews.com), Phar, StankDawg, Binary, Count Zero and even John Draper and Steve Wozniak (Yes that Apple dude... no, that's not the other Steve).

The topics are very interesting too: Automative Networks, Social Engineering, Building Hacker Spaces, Building the Anti-Brother, Bypassing Corporate Restrictions from the Inside, Cheshire's Rant Session (it maybe a rant but it moves arses), The CryptoPhone sessions to name a few. There's even a session about Bloggers at the DNC.

Sometimes I do wonder where Space Rogue, the publisher behind the 'original' Hackernews.com and a member of L0pht Heavy Industries, is these days. Here's a little background info I found while looking for the archive I had in an old hard disk.
Everyone in the hacking and computer security world knows Space Rogue. In 1998, while a member of the L0pht Heavy Industries, a hacker think tank based in Boston, he testified before the U.S. Senate on the state of government computer security. He is the publisher of Hacker News Network, a resource as dear to the cyber-cognescenti as Merriam-Webster's is to writers. Recently, Space Rogue, along with the rest of L0pht, joined @Stake, a newly formed Internet security company funded by the hot venture capital firm Battery Ventures. --Adam L. Penenberg

So why in heaven's name am I talking about hacking-related stuff on a blog site that is supposed to be devoted on Foxpro and programming?

Hacking, in the right essence of the word and the virtues behind it, when applied on the softwares you develop, would make the software world a better, more secure and more reliable place to dwell in.

If you still have doubts on the above statement, then you don't really know what 'hacking' means.

You need enlightenment.

I did a little googlin' and I found Space Rogue.

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