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THOUGHTS . VS2005 and orcas

There are some things in here that I do not like. But it doesn't mean that I don't respect it.

I seldom give comments on things I haven't tried, but I must say that I don't like the notion of creating database-related programming language solutions that tends to mold 'lazy database programmers' in the guise of 'personal productivity' which claims 'to help developers overcome their most pressing challenges in minimal time'.

For you to overcome 'pressing challenges' in minimal time, you must have experience. And experience you will gain in the hard and longer way of writing 'codes'.

Before I'll continue allow me to state that I do have great respect behind the minds and developers of this so-called 'approach of the future'. In this era where time is considered 'gold-ier' than before, it is indeed a great achievement to be able to trim down the development period of whatever project. I am also referring to database related things here which I believe is different when you're developing a different type of application say a word processor, a spreadsheet or a software that calculates(nDistance, DetermineNearest(human(HealthCondition(X, Y, Z)), lReferencePoint=You)) has to be if You(lDecision = !visit(bathroom), nDays) for that said Human not to kiss the floor.

The baby-sitting type of approach to program development I believe is needed but in some ways I feel that it is the responsibility of the database programmer and not the PL itself. I want to extend the outmost limits of the control I have on the code I create. It is my code; get your hands off it… now! Yes... you, MissPL-with-the-white-shirt.

I also cringe at the idea of that 'fill-in-the-blanks' type of programming. Decades ago parameters were invented and even in these days, this is one of the greatest things a programmer can include in his arsenal. That would be next to OOP and one level behind neuron-pumping-trance/technotronic beats WinAmp plays while you're coding/'developing'.

If one has to trudge that path of fill-in-the-blanks-because-I'm-too-lazy, let the programmer himself create his own user define function that fills in the blank.

This is probably one of the many reasons I left VisualBasic for VisualFoxpro five years ago. I want to have more control of the flow, the code, the logic, and to see more clearly what each line does instead of allowing a line or two of reserved words produce things for me. Call me 'old school, call me 'traditional'… call me whatever you want… but for now this is where I stand.

But do continue in this innovation of yours, great minds. Who knows in the future I might be convinced to jump on this jelly-looking bandwagon of yours. Besides, humans always have choices.

But for now I'll dwell in this thrill and the art of pounding the keys, whispering longer eloquent words that only a digital loving silicon can fully understand.

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